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Why 720p Is No Longer HD On YouTube? [Complete Info]

Why 720p Is No Longer HD On YouTube

YouTube is the most popular entertainment platform. You are so into HD videos that you don’t want to watch any video into a standard definition. YouTube has videos up to 8k resolution. So, the latest update of YouTube considers that 720p is no longer HD. Now the sites and mobile users won’t see any HD badge next to 720p. Previously, it used to be considered as HD, but now the content in 1080p or above is considered as HD preview.

Let’s talk about why 720p is no longer HD on YouTube

In this pandemic, people have very less or no work to do. Therefore, people have been using YouTube and making the maximum possible use of it. This has crashed the mobile network. Not only YouTube but also many other platforms took this step to prevent the issues of network traffic.

Maybe this is the reason that 720p is no longer considered as HD on YouTube, but no official statement has been stated yet. But if you want to still watch YouTube videos in higher resolutions then there are some alternatives. You can use YouTube Vanced App, use Newpipe App, use a desktop view on your mobile phone, etc.

You know very well that 720p is considered as HD where 1080p is considered as FHD which is full high-definition and 1440p as QHD which is quad high-definition. But, for now, 720p is SD and 1080 or 1440 is HD whereas 2160p and 4320p referred to as 4k and 8k respectively. Neither iPhone 11 nor iPhone SE 2 is qualified as HD devices. Let’s wait for the pandemic to get over, HD video streaming may be back.

But, you are forgetting the factors that depend on the preview of your content. The size of your screen and the distance you sit away from it. 1280×720 and 1920×1080 don’t show much difference till you watch them on any other higher resolution screen. And after the update, 720p is no longer HD on YouTube and it uses the same amount of data while streaming. This is considered for both Android as well as iOS users.

Is 1080p back on YouTube?

Yes, the 1080p HD resolution is back on YouTube. Now, you can watch videos in High Definition.

What resolution is 720p vs 1080p camera has?

A 720p camera has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and in 1080p camera has a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Does higher bitrate mean better quality?

Yes, if the bitrate is higher, it has better quality and larger size of the file.

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