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How To Access DMs On Instagram Website? [Guide]

Access DMs On Instagram Website Image

In today’s modern era, the utility of social media is increasing day by day. So, every social media company is making new changes to its websites and applications. In this sequence, Instagram has rolled out a new feature for its web users. Through which users can do directly message each other. So if you are unaware of this new feature, then keep reading to know how to access DMs on Instagram Website.

The company was testing this feature with selected users since January. And after this feature passed in testing by users, the company has made it available to the public.

This feature of the Instagram web was in demand for a long time by Instagram web users. Keeping in view the interest of the people company has finally added a direct message feature to the Instagram web.

What you can do beside DM on the Instagram website?

In addition to the direct message, you can like photos and videos by double-tapping. Not only this, but you can also check the status of the message and share the photo. You have the freedom to chat directly from the desktop itself, and you can also create a group from there. And can also turn on notifications for the desktop.

The company gave information about this new feature through its official Twitter handle. The company wrote in its tweet, “Sliding into your DMs now you can send and receive Instagram direct messages from desktop too, no matter where you are in the world.”

Steps To Access DMs on Instagram website

  • On the Instagram web, the DM option is available in the top-right corner of the website.
  • From here, you can directly go to your inbox.
  • To start talking, tap on the user profile with whom you want to talk and then start chatting.
Instagram Web DMs Feature

This feature has been in waiting for a long time. Now, this feature has come to give convenience to those users who scroll the Instagram feed on desktop or laptop as well as for those who use Instagram all the time, such as journalists, social media influencers, and managers.

What does DM mean?

DM means Direct Message.

Can you access DMs on the Instagram website?

Yes, you can easily access DMs on the Instagram website.

How do you check your DMs on Instagram on the computer?

To check Instagram DMs on the computer, go to and log in to your account by entering your username and password. By doing this you can easily use Instagram the same way, just like smartphones but on a big screen.

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