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How To Add Friends On Zepeto? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Add Friends On Zepeto App

Zepeto is a social media app created by Naver Corporation of South Korea, which is a huge internet giant and owns SNOW the Asian version of Snapchat. In Zepeto, you can create a 3D anime version of your own self by taking a picture of yourself, and the app creates a personalized character of you, which you are able to edit. With the assistance of the app, you can add friends on Zepeto by sending them to invite.

Now, we will see how we can add friends on Zepeto so that you are able to chat and conduct virtual meetings using your personalized Avatar.

Steps To Add Friends On Zepeto

  • Install the latest version of the app on your device.
  • Now launch the app on your device, at the lower bar of the app, there will be a “Discover” option that denotes the search. Tap on it.
Zepeto Discover
  • Now, you’ll be able to see a list of users, it will contain the most popular ones at the moment. You will be able to access their profiles. You can also type the name of the avatar you want to search for.
Zepeto Search Bar
  • Once you’ll be able to find the Avatar, you can add him/her as a friend on Zepeto. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a “follow” button using which you can follow the avatar.
Zepeto Follow Button

The social functions are one of the reasons why Zepeto has become one of the most downloaded apps. Even though there are many apps that allow the user to create a virtual avatar.

By add friends on Zepeto, users will be able to socialize along with their friends and have fun by chatting and by arranging virtual meetings.

If you have any queries in your mind, then you can contact us through our social media accounts. We will surely reply back to you as soon as possible.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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