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Amazon Zoox Autonomous Robotaxi – A Self-Driving Car

Amazon Zoox Autonomous Robotaxi

Amazon bought Zoox in June and finally announced Amazon Zoox Autonomous Robotaxi after six years. Amazon is ready to dominate the EV market with its investment in numerous EV projects. The Robotaxi indeed resembles few first-generation autonomous vehicles, but Robotaxi standout with its advanced features.

Specifications Of Amazon Zoox Autonomous Robotaxi

It looks like other companies’ self-driving vehicles with their seat for four people and design like carriage style. The Zoox is 3.63 meters long and stands between the Origin Robotaxi by Cruise and delivery focused robot by Nuro.

Zoox has been working on uplifting its autonomous ability to drive in both forward and backward directions, side to side or bi-directionally. The giant also says that it can handle tricky U-turns and strong curbside pickups with its four-wheel steering, and claimed that its Robotaxi would be the first vehicle to travel up to 75 mph.

Zoox vehicle has safe technology according to the autonomous vehicle guidelines. It has six LIDAR pucks up on top, multiple radar sensors, and cameras. According to Zoox, it provides a 270-degree view of each corner. Also, it eliminates any blind spot in case of sensor fails. Through the sensor suite, vehicles can easily see objects up to 150 meters away.

Design of Zoox Robotaxi

The seats of the Zoox vehicle face inwards and covered by the textured fabric. There are cupholders and wireless charging mats inserted between the seats. The ceiling is designed like a starry sky pattern which can commonly find in the Rolls Royce. There is one small touchscreen on every seat to control the music, AC, and route.

A 133KWh battery pack powers the Robotaxi, which is quite bigger than Tesla’s power pack. According to Zoox, the battery will last long for 16 hours after continuous usage.

Zoox and Amazon have a mutual goal of creating autonomous ride services. It was confidential till 2018. The company is testing the prototypes of autonomous vehicles in Foster City in California, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can say that Zoox is a part of Amazon’s new venture in the transportation sector. It’s undoubtedly the biggest e-commerce giant with its shipping infrastructure and invested huge money in EV start-up Rivian. It’s also working with the company for the electric delivery vans. Besides this, Amazon has a stake in Aurora (an autonomous vehicle outfit).

Stay tuned to know more about Amazon’s new venture.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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