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Ambrane Wise Glaze Launches In India With Amazing Features

Ambrane Wise Glaze

Ambrane Wise Glaze is the latest launch from Ambrane in the smartwatch category. The watch brings exciting new features and specifications at a very low price which is making everyone go crazy. Ambrane is an Indian company that started its journey by making power banks but now have entered the smartwatch category for a long time.

The Wise Eon is the predecessor of Wise Glaze, which was already an amazing piece of gadget. Wise Glaze just upgrades everything that Eon did further and better.

Ambrane Wise Glaze Features And Specifications

The beloved brand has launched this watch in a flagship category. This Wise Glaze watch comes with a stunning Lucid AMOLED display with a screen ratio of 1.78 Inches. The colors provided by the company are good and match most of our needs. There are Green, Blue, Gray, and Black Color variants.

The watch was originally priced at Rs. 5,990. But the brand is selling this watch at 2,999 rupees on Flipkart and their own official website. The 50% discount is nothing if you can get the watch at a launch price of 2,999 rupees.

Now the company is promising something really unique with this watch. For the first time, a budget smartwatch is providing you with 1,000 nits of brightness. This means under strong sunlight you can see your screen properly.

For pairing, you get UniPair Technology with Bluetooth 5.2. UniPair Tech gives you the opportunity to connect once and forget the hassle. Just like any other watch you get sensors for Heart Rate, Breathing, SpO2, Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Monitoring, Menstrual Cycle, etc.

There are 100+ sports modes with a rating of IP68. You get Hindi and English language support. It has a 280mAh battery that lasts up to seven days with medium usage. If you use it hardcore, you might drain the battery in one or two days.

Not last, there is also voice assistant support which makes your life easier. With a warranty of one year, you can stay relieved and wear the watch for daily rough use.

Get Ambrane Wise Glaze Today! Get 10% Off Code

If you are looking for an overall stable watch then look no further. The wise glaze has everything from a great display and smooth UI to good accuracy. The design is minimalist and lightweight. Good for both male and female wrists.

If you want, you can get the watch at 10% off the price for 2,699 rupees by applying the code – AMB10.
This code only works on their official website. If you think we missed any feature of Ambrane Wise Glaze then let us know.

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