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Kuo Adds Fuel To Apple-Hyundai Electric Car Rumors

Apple-Hyundai Electric Car

Want to experience the first All-Electric SUV versatile in India? Apple-Hyundai electric car is India’s first versatile and powerful All-Electric SUV; which is expected to be available for the users. You can purchase your dream electric car to enjoy the complimentary mobility membership. This car is going to offer you some exclusive benefits. You can now easily unlock the latest world in your budget.

This car has numerous incredible features and the power-packed performance is extremely amazing. The performance level of this car provides a thrilling driving experience to the people. It also offers high acceleration over long distances. The efficiency of the Apple-Hyundai electric car is unmatchable and offers a Sport Mode for a thrilling drive experience. The main feature of this car is that it requires extremely low running costs.

Apple-Hyundai Electric Car Features

Apple-Hyundai electric car is an electric car that provides electrifying performance. This car consist of an impressive acceleration of about 0-100km/h in only 9.7 seconds. This car has built with special features with exhilarating, and innovative technology and the transmission of the car is automatic.

Hyundai and Apple are working together on this electric car to make it more usable and incredible. According to research; it was found that Apple’s first car will be based on Hyundai’s E-GMP. In the future, Electric cars will work on battery power and this will reduce environmental pollution as well.

As per the latest announcement, this car will be launched very soon. Hyundai even claims that an E-GMP car can theoretically get above 500 kilometers if having a full range of charge. The battery system is quite efficient and provides fast charging of about 80 percent in just 18 minutes.

According to Kuo; the first Apple car will be produced with Hyundai and will make use of automotive partners.


Apple-Hyundai electric car is eco-friendly as there will be no use of diesel or petrol. This car will run on the power of the battery and you just need to charge properly to access the facility.

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