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How To Become Paytm KYC Agent? [Simple Guide]

Become Paytm KYC Agent

Paytm is an e-wallet used by consumers and merchants to conduct money transactions digitally. As per the RBI rules all banks and e-platform services dealing in monetary transactions need to update their database with KYC documents of their customer. But since all customers and merchants are not so updated with what all documents will be required for KYC, they need an agent.

But how to become Paytm KYC agent; who will collect all the required KYC documents of the concern consumers and merchants and provide it to Paytm. So that they can utilize their Paytm account without any hindrances.

Agents have always been needed to complete the required documentation since people are so busy in their day to day professional & personal life.

If you want to know how to become Paytm KYC agent, so that you can earn extra money on commission; then just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to Become Paytm KYC Agent

  • Visit this link: Register as a KYC Point
  • A new webpage will open up with the heading “Become our KYC Point“.
  • Details like name, mobile number, full address with state & pin code details need to be filled.
  • At last, you will be asked, if you have a fixed outlet with the option of yes or no. Give factual data since Paytm will send their representative to verify your above-filled data.
  • The second question that will be asked whether you are providing customer service to any other bank. If you select the yes option a message will pop up stating, you are not eligible to register as Paytm KYC agent.
Become Paytm KYC Point

Once you have completed all the required details submit the form. A message will pop up showing that shortly Paytm will contact you for further process.

By reading the above content hope your curiosity of how to become Paytm KYC agent is resolved.

How can I become a Paytm KYC agent?

To become a Paytm KYC agent, first, go to this link. Now fill up all the details on the page opened by clicking the above link. Click on Yes when asked for a Fixed outlet.

Can Paytm KYC be done online?

You can complete the process using your mobile number, PPI’s app, online, or by visiting a KYC centre.

Is Paytm KYC free?

Yes, it is totally free.

Can Paytm be hacked?

Yes, Paytm can be hacked like any other bank account.

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