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11 Best App Store Alternatives For iOS [Top Picks]

Best App Store Alternatives For iOS

Here’s the list of Best App Store Alternatives For iOS

App Store is pretty stringent when it comes to its privacy policy. There is not the slightest bleak left which can possibly be played with. The App Store has a bunch of cool Apps but as a matter of fact, some of them are either paid versions or some are not available in your region.

What if we say that’s not a problem anymore? Calming your raised eyebrows with questions, yes, we do have other options from where you can quench your downloadable thirst.

List of Best App Store Alternatives For iOS

In today’s article, Fixing Port has brought about a list of best App Store alternatives for iOS which will help you go an extra mile to fulfil all your desired needs. Ready? Let’s get started.

1. BuildStore

BuildStore is the first signing service that came to life, allowing you to sideload tweaked apps and games to your iOS device without jailbreaking. Nowadays, it is a safe and trustworthy store with over 300 games and apps that are constantly updated, and ~10 new ones are added monthly.

Top features :

  • 300+ tweaks and apps.
  • No extra tools or specific skills are required.
  • “Request an app” feature.
  • Seamless account restoring.
  • 24/7 online customer support.

2. AppCake

If you have been looking for options to sideload and install some Apps up on your device, then AppCake is one of the best App Store alternatives for iOS you could consider getting your hands on.

Talking about its compatibility, you would be able to get your hands over unsigned IPA files without any hassle using AppCake. The application has a proper interface and acts as a great jailbreaker to the tough software configured by Apple. This App is compatible with iOS devices starting from iOS 9 to iOS 13 as of now. Furthermore, AppCake has been intelligently built to sort out Apps that can work with and without jailbreak.


3. Sileo

Sileo is relatively newer on this jailbreaking platform but is doing really well to be making it to this list in the first place. This application had been developed and published as an alternative to Cydia but now, this App has seemed to take its own stand in the competition.

Nonetheless, it is true that Sileo has become one of the best alternative for iOS and is used by plenty of users because of its versatility. The App has its compatibility range up as it supports anything less than equal to iOS 11 and above. With this app in hand, you can moreover own anything you wish on every iOS device per see.


4. AppValley

Developed and published by AppValley LLP is independent in nature and counts as an alternative to the App Store for iOS devices. You can get your hands over anything you like and mostly, for free. Isn’t that amazing? The next question up your mind would be, is this safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and secured. The system has been developed in a manner that can be compatible with iOS and hence, security has been taken care of at the earliest. The App uses advanced and structured methods to secure and safeguard its security walls which in turn, is well packed and supported. So, do not worry about those lines at all.


5. PandaHelper

Yet another popular and mentioned Apps in the list of jailbreaker Apps would be none other than PandaHelper. PandaHelper is a great alternative for App Store for iOS and also, is very easy to use and activate.

Talking in terms of offerings, the App has a variety in its platter to offer its users. Right from games to Apps, there is everything you need on this source and it is just a click away. For the ease of its users, PandaHelper has categorized its services into four different categories namely – App Store apps, Exclusive apps, Modified apps, and Modified games.


6. TutuApp

Are you looking for a safe and secure option to get your hands over the latest games and exclusive App collection on your iOS device? If yes, then your wait ends with TutuApp as it specializes in delivering its users with the best and only the best.

TutuApp becomes one of the best App Store alternatives for iOS if you are looking for the latest and unreleased Apps. If this is your lookout, then TutuApp is the best platform to explore and quench your thirst for all of your App needs and goals.

Download App

7. Asterix Installer

Do you know the best part of Asterix Installer? You do not need to jailbreak your phone in order to use it as it works as it is. Amazing right? The App contains thousand of cool content and Apps for you to choose and explore from. You will be able to download anything and everything that too without using your Apple ID.

Things couldn’t get cooler than this and we bet. Asterix Installer has an App as well as its own website and both are protected by 256-bit SSL Encryption which makes it absolutely safe and secure.


8. CokernutX

As complex the name might seem, it flaunts an even complex coded interface to make your experience safe and secure without any external hinderance. This App does not require any jailbreaking session and hence, you can blindly trust this App in order to fulfil all your downloadable needs. Cherry on the cake is that you need not login or even use your Apple ID to register on this App.

It works pretty well just without it. Talking on the availability front, this App provides a lot of Mods, Paid Apps, and even free versions as well. You just need to search and CokernutX will let you know what they have in store for you.


9. TopStore

Just like CokernutX, even TopStore does not require any jailbreaker sessions and works smoothly just without it. You can download games and Apps from this open-source without any hesitation and prior-confusion with regards to the security and external malware intrusions. So, you can easily download this App on your mobile and get on the go without any doubts and hesitation as it has just everything you need.


10. HipStore

Looking forward to gaining access over premium stuff? Look no more as HipStore is just the right fit for you. HipStore provides all those premium games and Apps on its list so that you could download them and enjoy the benefits of that App without even paying for it. Furthermore, with HipStore you will be able to access Apps and games that are not available in your region as well. What more do you need? With that being said, HipStore is compatible with iOS 9 and above and qualifies as one of the best App Store alternative for iOS for sure.


11. AppEven

Last but not the least, making it to our list today is AppEven. This App is mainly used to download games on iOS devices. A noteworthy point for this App is that it does not require jailbreaking at all. So, don’t worry about getting any of your original device settings tweaked as that won’t be necessary with AppEven.

As you might have already guessed, you will not need to punch in your Apple ID’s so you have a relief from that end as well. The best part is, even Apple keeps treating AppEven as its unofficial alternative and hence; keep a tab on it and also continuously aims at revoking its certification.



That’s all for today. We hope you liked reading this article as much as we liked writing it for you. Do let us know if we missed out on something. You can connect with us through our social media handles or by commenting in the comment section below. On that note, stay tuned on Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all latest news and tech updates.

Which is better Google Play or Apple App Store?

Google Play Store is better than Apple’s App Store when it comes to easy availability of applications and games.

Is YouTube available on Amazon App Store?

Yes, it’s officially available on Amazon App Store.

What are the most popular apps for iPhone?

The most popular applications for iPhone are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, etc.

By Vishal

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