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10 Best Apple Watch Apps For Productivity [Top Picks]

Best Apple Watch Apps For Productivity

Here, in this article, we will talk about the best Apple Watch apps for productivity purposes. If you own an Apple Watch, you definitely use some of the apps to boost your productivity. For example, you can keep track of your tasks, bits of information, and many more things with the help of these apps. With a large variety of apps in the Watch App Store, you undoubtedly get to choose the best ones from the list of options.

No matter if you already own an Apple Watch or you are thinking of getting yourself one, you must go through this article to have good knowledge about the apps.

List Of Best Apple Watch Apps For Productivity

As we have already mentioned, you get to choose from a large variety of options; we have shortlisted apps from those. According to us, these are the best Apple Watch apps for productivity-boosting for making your life easier.

1. Todoist


The first one on the list is Todoist. For those who love to maintain everything with a to-do list, this app is simply for you. This app has already been admired by so many users. You can literally jot down the tasks in the to-do list, whenever one pops up in your head. Moreover, this app lets you share the tasks that you have noted down with your work team or your peer.

It is also one of the best Apple Watch apps for students. By using this app, you can track the noted tasks by the due dates added to them. You can even set them up by priority or importance. Even if you don’t open the Todoist app, you will get notifications on the corner of your watch face.

Todoist lets you check how many tasks have been completed and how many are left. You can even archive a task by swiping left on its name if the task is completed. Be it just grocery shopping or noting down due assignments, this app is a must-have for your Apple Watch.

Download Todoist

2. Cheatsheet Notes

Cheatsheet Notes

This app is one of the best Apple Watch apps for productivity boosting. How does it work? It lets you save all the numbers, IDs, important notes, addresses, etc within the app. No one can actually remember phone numbers, addresses, e-mail IDs, numbers from IDs, etc. when they need to use somewhere.

It is a great app for those who jot down every bit of the important information. You will be able to display up to 16 notes on the watch face, and each of them will have its specific icon. This will help you to recognize the notes just by a glance.

Download Cheatsheet Notes

3. Streaks


This app is an Apple Design Award-winning app that helps you with retaining your habits for the better. You can add up to 12 of your habits, which you want to work on. The habits will show up as icons and you can tap on the icons to mark them as done.

If you fall behind, the app will remind you through reminders. You can get reminders all day for completing the tasks within the time. Sometimes it might feel a bit annoying, but it makes you complete the tasks that you had set earlier.

Download Streaks

4. FlickType Keyboard


Typing something on the tiny screen of your Apple Watch can be frustrating. Even after the latest software updates, sometimes it might feel a little stressful. That’s why FlickType Keyboard has come into the scene. It lets you swipe your finger across the QWERTY keyboard and helps you to type faster.

This keyboard even catches your pattern of speech and predicts words based on your typing. It autocorrects your spellings and you can also find emoji, text shortcuts for ultrafast typing.

Download FlickType Keyboard

5. Billings Pro

Billings Pro

If your job profile includes a lot of traveling, you might have been going through the stress that comes while compiling and submitting the timesheets or the expense records. It is very difficult to keep track of every expense you make on the go, and then compiling them at a later date.

To cut down your stress, you can definitely choose this app. Billings Pro watch app allows you to track every expense by inputting the bill amounts directly. You can use a compatible iPhone to do so. Also, you can directly scan the receipts. This app will track the amount and keep a note of it.

And whenever you need to submit the expense records, this app is there for you. Additionally, you can sync the data of your Apple Watch to the iPhone or computer versions of this app and can generate invoices in minutes.

Download Billings Pro



IFTTT or If This Then That is an app, that lets you use multiple apps or programs together. You can run coordinated activities between the apps with IFTTT. Once you install this app, you can choose from hundreds of pre-programmed applets which can turbo change your daily life. You can even develop your own applets with their features according to your specific requirements.

Download IFTTT

7. MultiTimer


This Apple Watch app allows you to keep track of the time of different tasks. You can turn on 3 timers simultaneously to track times for each of the jobs. This app has a beautiful dashboard, that supports all your timers and stopwatches. You can also set daily timers in advance to start those later on.

Download MultiTimer

8. Morpho Converter

Morpho Converter

Morpho Converter is a converter app to use on Apple Watch. This app is quite popular among iPhone users too. The only difference is, on the iPhone you can add new conversions to the list, but on the Apple Watch, you cannot do that. Morpho Converter allows you to define a bunch of conversions and you can tap out a number to see all of the answers altogether.

You get a reverse button to instantly swap the converted units. You also get a handful of custom list items on the free version, but if you purchase the paid version, you get to remove the restrictions.

Download Morpho Converter

9. Productive


This app lets you create individual habits. You can also note down how much and how often you want to work on them. This app creates a daily schedule and divides that into the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Download Productive

10. Watch To 5K

Watch To 5K

Watch To 5K lets you set a goal of 5km and then helps you to gradually increase the sessions. This productive app will make you evolved enough to be able to run 5km in a short period of time.

Download Watch to 5k


So, according to us, these are the best Apple Watch apps for productivity. We have shortlisted these apps considering the usefulness and the reviews by the users. We also wrote an article on how to turn off screenshots on Apple Watch if you are looking for the same.

Does Apple Watch help with productivity?

Of course, Apple Watch has various apps that can help with productivity.

Which is the best app for productivity?

Todoist is the best app for productivity.

Which is the best organization app? is the best organization app.

By Vishal

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