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11 Best Chrome Extensions For Google Meet [Top Picks]

Best Chrome Extensions For Google Meet

As the pandemic took place, you do not need a specific reason to use the best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet. As you all know that the Google Meet was only available to enterprise users, but the sudden explosion of virtual meetings led to this service for every individual.

The usage of Google Meet is 25x higher in January and exceeding 60% every day. Google Meet is free to use application. The only thing you require is a Gmail account. The drastic usage of this application can trouble you with some sort of minor issues as this application was never an option for every individual.

Here, this article is going to make your video conferencing smoother and even better with some good knowledge of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet.

Best Chrome Extensions For Google Meet

Here’s the list of best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet

1. Google Meet Grid View

Google Meet Grid View

Google Meet can host up to 100 people at once and can continue the meeting for 60 minutes for free. This extension lets you view meeting participants with an equal size boxes layout that helps you to view the maximum number of participants attending the conference. This is one of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet that helps to see unlimited participants. You should go through it once if you have a large number of attendees.

2. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite

The word Suite has already given an idea that it has several tools connected with the extension. This will purely enhance your meeting because it has dozens of features like a push to talk, auto-join, quick leave, mirror videos, removing all participants in one click, and many more.

In the pro version, this application gives you more access to features like meeting timer, quick emoji reactions, speaker highlight, etc.

3. Visual Effects for Google Meet

Visual Effects for Google Meet

If your room is in mess and you have an urgent conference then, this is the best Chrome Extension for Google Meet to clear your background mess at once. This extension has features like Blur, Pixelate, Bubbles, AR Halo, Freeze, inverse and can also add a virtual green screen during the meeting.

4. Google Meet Call Timer

Google Meet Call Timer

The reminder is damn important if you have a busy schedule. This extension helps you to remind that how much time is left in the closing of meeting. This actually helps you to know how much time are you spending on video calls.

Like some presentations and classes, you need to know the timing and you should try this extension for sure. This won’t directly hang the video conference; it will make a small beeping sound to let you know that the call is ending which will be red in color to point out that your time has completed. The timer will be at the top right corner of the screen.

5. Nod-Reactions for Google Meet

Nod-Reactions for Google Meet

This extension is really helpful if you have to take a class or have to present something in front of a group of people. This extension avoids all the distractions and helps you in doing what you want to do. It also provides certain emojis for the attendees like agreement, disagreement, clap, hand, goodbye, etc. So, that you can get notified if participants have something to say while being on mute.

With the help of this extension, you can know if they have understood or not. They can use the emoji “raising the hand” so that you can unmute them and respond to their query. This extension only works when both sides have installed this extension on their PC.

6. Google Meet Attendance

Google Meet Attendance

As you take classes, it’s really annoying while taking attendance. Because of the noises or network issues. You just waste a lot of time on it. Sometimes you even miss and can’t make it whether the person has attended the meeting or not.

This is one of the useful and best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet to avoid such type of annoyance. You just have to add the extension to your browser and a list of expected invites. It will automatically note down the people who attended the conference with the timing they joined and left. You can access it anytime whenever you want to.

7. Google Meet Classroom Extension

Google Meet Classroom Extension

If you are a teacher then you are on the perfect point. This extension helps you to bring whiteboard functionality and it is one of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet. After installing this extension, every attendee will see a whiteboard on their screen.

The invigilator can draw, type, or calculate on this extension to their students. They can explain properly without any disturbance. Because there are many subjects out there that can’t be explained without the board. This extension resolves such issues in this pandemic. Moreover, the other attendees won’t be able to edit anything.

This extension helps you to create and assign assignments or work to your pupils. This extension helps to communicate with every student regarding their work. Teachers can also keep the record of the student if they have submitted the assignments or not. This extension is really useful for the teachers especially in this pandemic because it is really tough to handle that online stuff.

8. Tactiq for Google Meet

Tactiq for Google Meet

This extension is especially helpful to the students out there. Because of this pandemic, students have to go through online classes, and sitting in one place, looking at the screen actually disturbs them.

So, if you have a really important class to attend but you had enough for the day, you should go and install this extension. The Tactiq pins will help you to pin all the important points. This extension also saves transcription from Google Meet and capture important conversations.

9. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Google Meet Breakout Rooms

This extension helps you to make subgroups out of groups. These sub-groups are called breakout rooms. This extension makes the user work by giving the feature of moving one room to another without any trouble. This extension is free for Gmail account. You can view all your sub-groups at once in titled and tab format. You can even mute and send your messages to all the breakout rooms.

10. Dualless


Some people have a habit of doing multiple tasks and this extension is for them. If you don’t have multiple monitors set up then you can have this extension. This extension helps you to split your browser windows. The ratio that is available (3:7,4:6,5:5,6:4,7:3) and you can choose according to your wish and start working.

11. Google Meet Party Button

Google Meet Party Button

This pandemic has left you all alone. This online work and online classes create all-day boring. So, here this extension will help you to have a small get together if you want. Or else if you want to have a party with your team because of your accomplishments. This is a perfect extension to celebrate your hard work. You can even send party poppers and can make the screen like a party scene.

Final Words

If you think we missed out something, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can connect with us through our social media handles. On that note, stay tuned to Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all the latest news and tech updates.

Do you need a Google account to use Google Meet?

No, you don’t need a Google account to use Google Meet. The organizer of the meeting can grant you access to join the meeting if you are using Google Meet from a PC.

Can I use Google Meet without app?

Yes, you can use Google Meet without Google Meet application. You just need an updated browser.

Which is the best alternative of Google Meet?

Zoom is the best alternative of Google Meet.

By Vishal

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