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5 Best Discord Servers For Valheim [Updated List]

Best Discord Servers For Valheim

To find the best Discord servers for Valheim among the many available is not an easy task, obviously as this game has achieved heights in no time, Valheim is one of the top-rated games on the steam.

You cannot achieve such great popularity by luck, constant improvement plays a crucial part as well, Valheim kept on improving its aspects despite being sold and played by millions of people. And so it won’t be easy to find the best Discord servers for Valheim, but don’t worry we will help you with the top best Discord servers for Valheim and make your life a little easy.

How can you choose the Best Discord Servers for Valheim?

Discord is one of the best applications for gaming stuff. If you are not ok with Discord, there are some best Discord alternatives you can look for. Well, Valheim is a game that revolves around the survival skills that you need to develop while playing the game. In the start, you are picked up by a huge crow carrying you to a different realm and with zero types of equipment, you have to improve your skills and also build weapons for yourself.

So, basically, this game is for those who love to use their imagination and gaming skills to create a type of empire. This where the need for the best discord servers comes into play. Good discord servers will not only help you to get flexible control but will also help you to get the best gaming experience ever. So, here are the best Discord servers for Valheim.

List of Best Discord Servers For Valheim

Here’s the list of best Discord servers for Valheim.

1. Valheim Community

Valheim Community

The most important part for any server is the members in that server. In the Valheim Community, some members would not inhibit your growth or write any negative comments. Valheim Community server will also help you to promote your server as it includes almost 20k members.

Although Valheim Community has many members, you can still meet your friends, share stuff and also enjoy and grow together. Everyone has their own style and in this discord server, you can meet people who can match your frequency. So, according to the regular players; Valheim Community is one of the most active and highly rated discord servers.

2. Valheim Global

Valheim Global

Valheim Global is the discord server that helps you to connect with all the best players around the world. The features and advantages of this server are underrated.

One of the most fascinating things about the Valheim Global discord server is that it provides you the facility of adding interactive tools. So, if you want a fun and highly growing discord server for Valheim; Valheim Global is the best server for you.

3. Daddy


If you want to compare any Discord server based on its popularity then Daddy is the server you are looking for. Daddy hosts members around 250k and not only for Valheim; but Daddy also has members for various games like COD, Counter-Strike, and Among Us.

Daddy is a top rater discord server because it has features like creating a private group with your partners and friends. In this discord server; you are allowed to share memes, and also you can make calls.

4. Army of the North

Army of the North

The perfect team is not made by the gameplay but by the bind of the players. If you don’t have such type of bond in the Valheim then, the Army of the north is the best and kindest Discord server ever. You can say that this server is like New Zealand of the cricketing world.

People in the army of the north are best supportive towards you, if you are a beginner this is the best server to go for. Also because of the strict rules and regulations of this server, you won’t face any kind of criticism or bullying.

5. Valheim Official

Valheim Official

We love sharing things like memes, gaming achievements, and fan-arts, getting lots of reach to our shared content is almost like a wish coming true. Imagine sharing something with almost 170k members would be a real treat in a survival game. Valium Official Discord server is that platform for game lovers.

In the game, if you are looking to build a foundation or gathering the types of equipment; you will get a sure-shot in the Valheim Official Discord server. Some players find the rules of the server quite challenging but rules protect and that is the best part of this server getting huge members with certain rules.

Final words

So, these were some of the best Discord servers for Valheim, we hope you find these discord servers helpful. There are many more discord servers available so chose the server according to your priorities and enjoy playing the games.

What discord server has the most members?

Innersloth discord server has the most members.

Can you be in 2 discord calls at once?

No, you can be active on one call at a time.

Can I see discord servers I left?

No, you can’t see the discord servers you left.

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