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12 Best Finder Alternatives For Mac [2024 Updated List]

Best Finder Alternatives For Mac

Here’s the list of Best Finder Alternatives For Mac

If you are a Mac user, you know exactly how tough it is to find a perfect software for your Mac’s file navigation system. macOS is one of the most high-end operating system models and finding software that fulfills and most importantly, is compatible with Mac is a tedious task. While Finder by itself is quite swift and power-packed when talking in terms of their functions and features, its loop holes and limitations doesn’t really comply with Apple’s policy.

This situation has been taken as an upper hand by many third-party applications that have similar software to offer and are specifically build and developed for Mac users. Some of these softwares are at par and some are way better than Finder. So, if you too are prey to this situation and are finding the best Finder alternatives for Mac, then here is a list of best softwares that might do the job for you.

List of Best Finder Alternatives For Mac

Here is the list of best finder alternatives for Mac.

1. Path Finder 9

One of the best Finder alternatives for Mac till date to consider is Path Finder 9. The software’s inception has brought about a bunch of new features on the table marking a beginning for an absolute new reign in the present era. What’s more, is that Path Finder 9 now comes with support for dual-pane navigation; and also helps you to gain access to bookmarks and hidden files on your Mac. Path Finder 9 allows users to make and come up with a customized keyboard shortcut which, in turn, allows swift navigation.

Path Finder 9

Talking about the feature highlights, Path Finder 9 has a unique feature – DropStack, which allows users to move and copy multiple files on their Mac devices. DropStack act as a temporary storage dock for your files and folders; which allows its users to perform the move and copy actions with their files at a go.

This particular feature is useful when the user is dealing with a large number of files and folders, as it becomes easy to manage and organize them. Bringing light to the other spectrums of the software, it brings in everything that Finder offered you. Furthermore, Path Finder 9 allows the user to customize the user interface by changing and applying different themes and backgrounds. Additionally, it also supports cloud storage through Dropbox only. Path Find 9 brings in a format where users can customize their keyboards.

One more aspect of Path Finder 9 is that it sports a new structure and model of modules. Users can arrange, rearrange, and sort these modules to their whims and fancies, and furthermore, users can also customize these modules both functionally and visually. These intricate features make Path Finder 9 stand out amongst the crowd and makes it a great choice to consider.

Download Path Finder 9 Now

2. Commander One

If you are looking for the latest version of Finder, then Commander One is the best Finder alternative for your Mac for sure. What’s more, is that it features a dual-pane file manager which makes your operations buttery smooth and you can access a large amount of data all in your screen at a go to view.

Commander One V2

Furthermore, to make the software more user-centric, Commander One supports a feature where users can create keyboard shortcuts which makes your work less tedious. So basically, everything that a user repetitively looks for in the trackpad can be created into a keyboard shortcut. These functionalities include selection, navigation, and operations.

With reference to the customisation factor of the software, you can choose between multiple pre-installed themes, ten in number, as per your choice and working style. Furthermore, users can also make changes in the individual elements as well such as – background colour, font and even selection colour.

One of the brightest points of Commander One is its search capabilities. Not only can users look into the contents of a particular file but also search a particular file by its name. Doesn’t matter if the files are in a compressed ZIP Folder, Commander One still allows users to gain access to the files by a simple search metric. Furthermore, you can also make your document Case sensitive.

Download Commander One

3. Forklift 3

Just like Path Finder 9 & Commander One V2, even Forklift 3 supports the use of dual-pane navigation and customization of the keyboard. Furthermore, Forklift 3 also parades other features such as breadcrumbs navigations such as Windows which helps users to move around and navigate through their files seamlessly. Additionally, Forklift 3 can help you connect to the following servers – SMB, SFTP, and FTP which helps users to manage their files across different servers. Talking about the deletion aspect, Forklift 3 comes with a designated space where users can delete all the data and App leftovers.

Forklift 3

Similar to Commander One V2, this software can also find its way to files on a zipped folder and even the ones stored on a remote server. If you are looking for a power-packed cloud integration-based software, then Forklift serves the purpose. The latest improvements made in the software also have enabled Dropbox support which acts as an extension to sending and sharing data through cloud data services.

Download Forklift 3 Now

4. Nimble Commander

Suiting a software that matches the macOS can be a task, but Nimble Commander aces this section with its functionality. This is professional software that comes along with a bunch of expert and specialized tools. Talking about the file manager, it looks neat and designed in a completely professional front. IT Professionals and Software Developers can utilize the best out of this software.

Nimble Commander

Nimble Commander support C++ language and when compared to performance; Nimble commander is one of the best Finder alternatives for Mac as of today. Hence, sporting a strong performance, users can switch through multiple tabs and windows without facing any lag in the software. What’s more, is that Nimble Commander comes with quick access of keyboard to operations related to file management.

Download Nimble Commander Now

5. Double Commander

If you are looking for a dual-panel open source multi-platform file manager, then Double Commander is the best alternative that you can ever ask for. The software has drawn its inspiration from Total Commander and Microsoft Windows. Users can compare and also synchronize their directories in an asymmetrical or symmetrical manner. With the help of this feature, users can view files directory and sub-directory. Furthermore, Double Commander helps to compare these files with the help of date and time and also organized the same according to the file size.

Double Commander

Apart from the above-mentioned features; Double Commander also features two similar planes that help users in duplicating panes from one side to the other. The software also parades tabbed navigations which help users to set directories for their files and folders. Apart from this, the software also offers many sorting options, support for achieving documents, customizing keyboard shortcuts, users can rename their files and folders, unicorn support, and visual file comparison.

Download Double Commander Now

6. XtraFinder

If you are someone who is looking for a simple and basic point to point features; then one of the best Finder alternatives for Mac to consider would be XtraFinder. The best part of this software is that it offers fast and quick access to many functions which is available in the toolbar; contextual menus, and other menus. On that note, users who wish to display hidden files and folders, hide their desktop, users who wish to create a link or a path to copy, in all these cases; XtraFinder works to its best capacity to offer users the best performance experience.


Talking about the other features of XtraFinder; one such feature which is worth mentioning is its move and copy files and folders with ease. This feature is a boon for users who are dealing with a large number of files on a daily basis. So, making a decent match between MacOS and the developed software, XtraFinder is a good deal to consider.

Download XtraFinder Now

7. CRAX Commander

Where maximum software’s in the list are offering a dual-pane system for the file manager; CRAX Commander is not going to disappoint us as well. Talking about the in-built structure of the software with the presence of SVN, FTP & SSH Clients, CRAX Commander has got the capability and durability to increase its productivity.

CRAX Commander

With this feature on board, users will be able to access the local as well as remote files with absolute ease. Users can now adjust and make changes according to their whims and fancies with the help of customization options of the show and hide panels, sidebar, and lastly, the menu bar. That being said, CRAX Commander is one of the best Finder alternatives for Mac for some above-average usage.

8. Transmit 5

Is it true that you are searching for a macOS Finder substitution that is appropriate for organizing needs? Here comes Transmit 5, which originates from Panic. This application accompanies an amazing User Interface that makes everything magnificent. Contrasted with different applications we’ve tried, Transmit is perfect with the best number of remote frameworks like Azure and DreamHost.

Transmit 5

That having stated, you can utilize Transmit 5 as a conventional Finder elective as well. You simply need to press a catch to move among remote and nearby. Then again, on the off chance that you are a designer; there is a stunning assortment of highlights like 2-factor login; selectable document sync, and support for most current tech in the realm of distributed computing. On that note, one of the best Finder alternatives for Mac would be Transmit.

Download Transmit 5 Now

9. DCommander


There are three notable aspects of DCommander that will help you understand why it is a good match for your needs – First things first. This software allows users to increase user and software productivity with the help of a bunch of new tools and features. Next, the software allows users to edit files and folders right from the comfort of the file manager. Lastly, the software offers connections such as FTP, SFTP, and SCP which allows users to transfer their files and data smoothly.

Download DCommander Now

10. Finder Path

Finder Path

Finder Path has a pretty decorated and simple to use user interface which is great to put to use. Furthermore, users can access hidden files and folders and easily copy and paste paths of files without breaking their heads over it. The best part of this software is that users can get all and most of this for free making Finder Path one of the best Finder alternatives for Mac.

Download Finder Path Now

11. Total Finder

Total Finder

The aspect that makes Total Finder stand out is its integration with the original Finder application for Mac. Talking about its elemental structure, Total Finder follows a chrome style tab layout along with dual pane navigation systems. As dual-pane navigation system panes are of the most important features in almost all Finder alternatives; Total Finder is too equipped with this feature. On that note, having the most basic feature and a solid performance base; Total Finder becomes one of the best Finder alternatives for Mac to consider.

Download Total Finder Now

12. HoudahSpot 5

HoudahSpot 5

The brightest aspect of HoudahSpot 5 is its power-packed search file feature. HoudahSpot 5 allows users to browse through and gain access to multiple files and folders at one single hour. Apart from the above-mentioned feature, the software allows you to customize users’ columns in their search results.

Furthermore, users can also filter their results to access the most relevant files according to their present needs. The software has an advanced interface which allows user to gain access to prioritized are made easily available. Considering these aspects of the software, the versatility, intricate features, understanding what the users need; and accordingly able to customize the software features makes HoudahSpot 5 the best Finder alternative for Mac.

Download HoudahSpot 5 Now

How do I keep my toolbar from disappearing?

Simply, move the pointer of the mouse to the top of the screen, then click on Tools and then click on Full Screen.

What is the top bar on a Mac called?

The top bar on a Mac is known as “Menu Bar”.

How do I permanently see my Mac Dock?

First, click on the Apple logo in your Mac’s menu bar, then click on System Preferences, after that click on Dock and then, click on Automatically hide and show the Dock.

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