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6 Best Golf Apps For iPhone [Updated List For This Year]

Best Golf Apps For iPhone

Here’s a list of the best Golf apps for iPhone.

In the present time, the App Store has almost every app that you could only dream of in the past. Starting
from your sleep tracker to various game apps, App Store is lacking in none and is only adding more day
by day. The good news for golf lovers is that there are several golf apps on App Store.

These apps have almost all those features necessary to make your sport as convenient as possible for you. In this article, we’ve mentioned the best golf app for iPhone, available on App Store for golf enthusiasts all over the world.

Features required in a good Golf app

Before we mention the best golf apps for iPhone, let’s first look into some features that should be
present in a good golf app.

  • Measurement and tracking feature: A good golf app should be able to provide you the advantage of getting several data and facts like distance measurement, swing comparison, automatic tracker for the ball etc. Since these features help in the advancement of the user’s performance, these are highly essential. If an app provides all these features, then without any doubt that app is one of the best golf apps for iPhone.
  • Convenience: A good golf app is convenient and easy to use for the user. Technology made almost everything convenient and hence, an advance and better golf app ought to be convenient.
  • Compatibility: If a golf app is compatible with all iOS devices then it is certainly the best golf app for iPhone as what would be the use of that app which could work on your one device and not on the other. This feature enables the user to even skip carrying their phones to the field and just get the data provided on their Apple Watch.

List Of Best Golf Apps For iPhone

1. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie


In our list of best golf apps for iPhone, Golfshot occupies the first position as it has accurate golf aspects
combined with augmented reality features. Almost all features like distance to the green and scorecard are provided by this app. However, the best feature of this app is the feature of augmented reality functionality allowing the users to plan all the shots. This app is available on almost all Apple devices which is certainly a big plus point.

It allows zooming of the pictures provided by satellite letting the user get a detailed view of the course. Several other features like tracking, scoring through your watch, and precise GPS distance are also provided by this app. In addition to all these amazing features, this app analyses your stats and provides things like a 3D flyover of every hole along with a customized club recommendation.


2. Golf GPS SwingU

Golf GPS SwingU

The second best golf app for iPhone on our list is Golf GPS SwingU. This app involves a number of features like a digital scorecard, an accurate GPS rangefinder that can be used on all courses in the entire world, and many others making it an app with 5 million regular users. The highlight of this app is that it is entirely free and allows its users to store their rounds online for free making it an eligible app in our list of best golf apps for iPhone.

The ball movements and your improvements made in the game can be tracked by you through the stats and graphs. You can use this app on your other Apple devices and also can make several in-game purchases and unlock other detailed features. Along with all these features, this app also provides the benefits of playing handicapped accustomed matches and games.


3. Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard

Golf Pad

Golf Pad is one of the best golf apps for iPhone for novice users. It is free of cost and is highly convenient for beginners. Its features include scorecards for up to four players, a GPS-powered rangefinder, aerial map
course, shot tracking, club recommendations, and many more.

Aerial maps, as well as the elevations and flyovers, can be found by this app along with distances
between any two points just by a tap. It is available for 40,000 courses and can maintain your stats
automatically. The free version doesn’t support the option to function on your Apple Watch however,
you can unlock this feature whenever necessary.


4. Golf Coach by Dr. Noel Rousseau

Golf Coach

The fourth position on our list of best golf apps for iPhone goes to Golf Coach. This app is very
convenient, hence one of the best choices for beginners. Its amazing design and its analyzing feature
make it unique and interesting. Up to 38 HD videos of a well-structured coaching program and a swing
analysis suite are provided by this app.

Instructions regarding shots from rough, complete swing techniques, sloping lies, tee shots, detailed
instructions of short skill games, etc are also provided by this app to its users. Overall, this app is one of the
best golf apps for iPhone for beginners who are aiming to improve their skills and gaming techniques.
However, it’s not free and costs you around $7.99.


5. Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder

Golf GPS Hole19

Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder takes away the fifth position on our list. This app is one of the best choices to find accurate distances on up to 43,000 courses. It is certainly a very good choice for a rangefinder on the Apple Watch.

It has multiple features allowing you to track your as well as your partner’s score, viewing performance graphs, driving, green and overall scores. The best feature of this app is the shot tracking feature, which allows you to precisely see how far you threw the last shot.


6. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line


The last app on our list is GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line. This app has been used by almost 5 million users over several years. This app helps golf enthusiasts to find accurate GPS distance, colored 3D course maps, and various other stats. GolfLogix is easy to use and has many excellent features making it one of the best golf apps for iPhone, however you’d need to tolerate various ads in the free version of this app.

GPS distance of up to 35,000 courses, colored 3D images of courses, a digital scorecard that can maintain scores of up to four players, stat tracking (that can be synced to the GolfLogix website ), detailed video lessons, and handicap support are a few features provided by this app. If these features are still not enough for you, you can always upgrade to a better version and unlock several other amazing features.


Which is the best golf app for iOS?

Golf GPS & Scorecard is the best golf app for iOS.

Is there a golf distance app for Apple Watch?

Yes, Hole19 is an app that works well with Apple Watch.

Are Apple Watches good for golf?

Yes, Apple Watches are good for golf.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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