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13 Best Google Alternatives That You Can Use Instead Of Google

Best Google Alternatives

Here’s the list of Best Google Alternatives for you

Google has been our best friend since the beginning of time now. Right from school projects to office statistics, Google has everything we need. Sometimes, it’s hard to even wonder as to what are humans supposed to do without this online encyclopedia? However, there might be a particular question doing rounds in your end. Is there a subsite for Google? I mean if someday, Google just vanishes, will we have something else to rely upon?

Extremely hypothetical, but worth the wonder. If anything like this ever come’s up, here are the best Google alternatives, you can definitely look forward to.

List of Best Google Alternatives

1. DuckDuckGo

One of the most eyed and fastest-growing search engine browsers, DuckDuckGo should be first on your list and hands down the best Google alternative. Most importantly, this search engine promises to keep your browsing experience absolutely, private. The search engine catches information from more than 100 sources and puts forth the most relevant search results as per your needs.

2. Bing

Once upon a time when Bing was in, well, it still is but nowhere compared to what it originally was. Bing must have lost its popularity but it is as capable as it was in its booming stage. Right from minutely detailed capabilities such as sports scores, live commentaries, flight tickets, shopping, translation, and various other features, amongst many others, have still, set Bing apart from the crowd.

3. Qwant

Qwant is also one of the best Google alternatives to consider. Focusing on the complete privacy of the user, the search engine does not give out your personal information for advertisement holders. Furthermore, one of the highlights of this search engine is its Quick Search Feature. It allows its users to search for a particular product or service from a particular networking site.

4. Search Encrypt

Do you take your online privacy seriously? If yes, then Search Encrypt is one of the best Google alternatives for you. The search engine is programmed in such a way that it automatically blocks the trackers. In simple words, your internet usage is absolutely safe. Right from your search history to your browsing packets, nothing will be available to data snoopers at any cost.

5. Wolfram Alpha 

Yes, it’s true that Wolfram Alpha works on a complete computational algorithm methodology, but, as a matter of fact, it’s a great search engine. The specialty of this search engine is, that its curates’ data rather than catching it from external sources.

Right from listicles to reputed journals and magazines, this search engine has an in-depth reach. Unlike other search engines, Wolfram Alpha comes up with data that have been proven and are mere facts. On that note, if this is what you are looking for, then this is the best Google alternative for you.

6. Start Page

Start Page is an extension of IxQuick. IxQuick never allowed other search engines to track its users and so does Start Page. Furthermore, this search engine shows Google’s search results, but not at any point, does this search engine send any sort of query to other sources. With the successful merger of Start Page and IxQuick, users have the best browsing experience they could ever ask for. So, if this seems like something that might interest you, then Start Page is the best Google alternative to consider.

7. Dogpile

Being one of the oldest search engines available to man, Dogpile is one of the best Google alternatives, if you are looking for variety. Initially, Dogpile used to fetch its data from Now it curates its data from various sites such as Yandex, Google, and many more. Amongst the many features it offers, it includes White Pages, Search Filters, Recent Searches, Preferences, and much more.

8. Yandex

Based out of Russia, Yandex is a high-end search engine and one of the best Google alternatives to consider. The mechanism can handle more than 150 million queries per day and still, never fails to meet user expectations. That being said, Yandex is one of the most widely used search engine browsers available to users. The data transparency level of this search engine Operandi is more based on the user’s preference. It maintains end to end encryption of data and no snooping or phishing can break the security walls of this interface.

9. Gibiru

While the entirety of the above Google Alternative administrations handled the issue of Privacy, Gibiru takes on Censored substance. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of the substance you look into online is introduced after the evacuation of edited substance. Gibiru pulls up all query items, including the ones which are edited for the general crowd. At the same time, the issue of security is likewise all around handled through its mysterious intermediary web index.

10. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is not exactly a search engine but allows users to search a considerable number of things on it. If you are looking for items in the past such as journals, news articles, and iterations, then Internet Archive can do the job for you. Anything that is in the past, Internet Archive allows you to get your hands over it.

Sometimes, movies and songs that are vintage in nature and are not available anywhere, can be accessed from Internet Archives. The most important thing to remember is, you should have the date, to access that particular information and if you are lucky, you get your hands on past tracks and data records, no one else has access to.


As the name speaks for itself, if you have questions, has the answers for you. You can discover themes going from Art and Literature, Geography, Education and Politics to Technology, Science, and Business questions replied here. is one of the extraordinary choices to Google in the feeling of discovering a human-altered substance that is exacting forthright and is better composed. So, if this is good enough for you, is the best Google alternative you can look for.

12. CC Search

Are you someone who has been looking for copyright-free content? Right from music, to videos and much more, CC Search specializes in offering copyright-free content which is a great deal by itself. Mainer times, we fail to find copyright-free stuff on Google which matches our heart’s desire. But now, with CC Search this is true and very much possible.

The search engine has a clean and simple to use User Interface making it even more attractive and noteworthy. So, if this is your cue, we suggest that you make your choice right away as CC Search is no doubt the best Google alternative for all content creators out there.

13. Ecosia

If you are someone who is not very high on demands and is good with a decent user interface and functional mechanisms, then Ecosia is one of the best Google alternatives for you to consider. By the means of machine learning, the search engine allows users to personalize their search by learning their input methods and search frequencies. There are options that allow the user to check their own personal searches and delete them as well.

This removes any recurring record the search engine may have along with its records. Talking about other major functionalities, Ecosia allows its users to set a default theme and other customization features. Furthermore, you can adjust your region, and language preference, depending upon your location and comfort. Ecosia also has an option where you can keep disturbing or sensitive content away.

What are the best Google Alternatives?

The best alternatives of Google are Bing, Yandex, Swiss cows, DuckDuckGo, Gibiru, etc.

Is there a better search engine than Google?

Yes, DuckDuckGo is better if your main focus is on maintaining privacy.

What is the safest browser to use?

Right now, the safest browser to use is Google Chrome.

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