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8 Best Google Keep Alternatives That You Can Use

Best Google Keep Alternatives

Google Keep is another free Google product. Although it is a nice-looking app yet you can have your reasons to dislike it. Whether it is the interface or ordinary theme, or you’re just bored using the same app. But not anymore! You belong to this technical era and so you have options to explore. That’s why we bring you the best Google Keep alternatives here.

List Of Best Google Keep Alternatives

Here are the best Google Keep Alternatives that you can use without any hassle.

1. Evernote


Never ever have you tried Evernote! But now you should because Evernote will help you in sync all your devices (Chromebook, phone, or tablet) and costs you nothing.

With a To-do list, memos, and notebooks you can keep all tasks in order. You also get formatting options such as text, sketches, photos, audio, web clipping, and more. With the search bar, you can navigate through all notes.

Further, you can clip important articles and web pages on the screen. You can even attach photos, audio, docs, and PDFs for easy access.

Through your phone camera, you can scan documents, cards, handwritten notes, whiteboards, and drawings. After you’re done with scanning you can directly share it from this app via WhatsApp, Email, or others.

Further, you can upgrade to its premium version where you will get 10GB of storage every month and access to unlimited devices. You can also access notes or docs offline and unlock features like the home widget.


2. OneNote


OneNote is an excellent product of Microsoft. This electronic notebook keeps your notes; memo and other data organized and make it accessible via the web. The folders themselves appear in different colors but you can change the color via the sticky notes section.

With this app, you can access one or more accounts and similarly, you can access OneNote from multiple devices by logging in with the Microsoft account.

On this app, there’s a notebook, a search, and a sticky note section on the bottom of the screen. For ease, you can add the OneNote badge on the screen that takes you to the app and you can also change the theme to light, dark, or system default.

On OneNote, you can write text, use different pens or markers to draw or highlight any text. You can also attach images, audio, video, and files like doc or PDF.

Furthermore, you can move notes from one folder to another. The only drawback is it doesn’t provide a trash can hence file would be deleted permanently.

Overall, this app is really fascinating, useful, and most importantly accessible to all devices and platforms.


3. Simplenote


Still looking for the best Google Keep alternatives, try Simplenote as this app is simply amazing. Available to all the platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux), this app is accessible over the web also.

Simplenote is a decent app, incorporating only necessary features that include pinning, history of changes, and tags. Here, you can sort orders or lists to view the notes.

Further, you can try different themes and can increase or decrease the font size. You can even recover deleted files from the trash section which is a great feature. However, it doesn’t support proper formatting neither does it let you attach images, audio, video, or any file.

Nonetheless, it is free and simple; you can use it if you like to keep things simple too.


4. ColorNote


Is it upsetting for you to find docs in black and white? Well, you can color them and stay easy! With ColorNote, you can organize your notes in diverse colors. Further, you can sort them in the card, list, or grid view.

You can also customize font size and default screen except for tags and folders that it doesn’t support. Additional features of this app include a calendar, reminder, and checklists so that you can manage or schedule important tasks at your fingertips.

Want more! Since you care a lot for your notes so this app lets you keep them secure by locking or archiving. This app has a trash can where deleted notes can be reverted before you remove them permanently.


5. WeNote


WeNote is quite similar to Google Keep where you can attach images, audio recordings, or draw with different pens.

However, unlike Keep, you get labels on the home screen, which makes it feasible to use. If you want you can color-code these labels as it can comfort you to understand the type of note better.

Furthermore, you can customize this app for example sort order, view in different modes, modify font size, set reminders, and can attach images or files. In addition, this app lets you pin any note on the top of this app screen, archive important notes, lock with PIN, access a checklist, and sync it with Google Drive.


6. Idea Note

Idea Note

The idea of Idea Note is quite different from the above apps. It works mainly with a voice so you can create notes just by reciting. This app features floating notes that are accessible on the screen and also feature pinning, reminder, archive, history, and locking of notes.

However, it is not available on iOS devices but you can access Idea Note on Windows and Mac. Although this app is free yet restricts up to 5 members. To increase the capacity, one needs to upgrade the account where the user will get folder support and can add multiple files to notes.

Other features include version history, reminders, export as pdf, recover deleted notes, and more.


7. Standard Notes

Standard Notes

Standard Notes come with the standard feature of end-to-end encryption. It is available for iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and has the web version too.

Moreover, this app features ‘Autosave’ which helps you in case you forget to save your notes by mistake. Additionally, it supports tags, archives, pining and also alerts you if you miss out on reminders and checklists.

Note that, if you can’t reset the password once created or lost/forget the password, be ready to forget the notes too. You have to start over again.


8. Notebook


Notebook believes that notes for different purposes should be treated differently. That’s why it brings you multiple designs for different notes.

Here you will get a text card with which you can jot, list, sketch and snap tasks that you usually miss. You can create a checklist with this app and stay stress-free. It also features audio notes hence you can record audios, meetings, and lectures.

Notebook by Zoho corporation lets you scan docs, save images, add pdfs, word documents, and excel sheets as a file. This app has both free and paid versions and available on iOS and Android devices.


Final Words

We hope you get the best Google Keep alternatives from the above-mentioned apps. If you find any app useful, do let us know in the comments.

Is Google keep better than Evernote?

Both applications are good and provide almost the same features.

Which app is better than Evernote?

OneNote is better than Evernote.

Is Evernote owned by Google?

No, Evernote is owned by Evernote Corporation.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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