Best ID Photo Editors For All Document Types

Best ID Photo Editors Image

If you’re looking for a professional ID photo editor, look no further. In this post, we are going to talk about the best programs that allow you to prepare passport photos, driving license pictures, professional headshots, and other types of document photos. The options we’ll cover in the article include ID photos software for a PC, a mobile app, and a web-based picture editor. Now let’s see which method will work best for you.

Passport Photo Maker

Passport Photo Maker is a desktop program for editing pictures for different types of documents. It’s compatible with Windows and takes up very little space, so you can run it on almost any computer. The interface of the software is very clear, so you can master it in a matter of seconds. The requirements for ID photos are regularly updated, so your pictures will be approved in an application with no problem. So what can you do with the desktop passport photo maker?

Passport Photo Maker will help you quickly prepare document photos for 130+ countries. In this software, you can easily change a passport photo background, crop an image with automatic face detection, enhance the quality of the picture, replace the clothes, save digital images in high quality for online submission, or print out a photo with the help of ready-to-use printing layouts. This program provides everything for preparing a passport photo in an instant, so it will suit both regular users and studio workers pressed for time. 

Smartphone iD 

Smartphone iD is a passport picture app available for iOS and Android smartphones. Here, you can take photos for various official documents, including a passport, ID card, visa, driver’s license, residency card, and so on. You can’t upload existing pictures to the program, but you can instantly take a document photo within the app – Smartphone iD lets you take an unlimited number of shots. The specialists’ team will check and verify your photo. Then it’ll be sent via email or mail.

But you should also take into consideration that the app is aimed at the UK users, so it is only suitable for the users of that country. In addition, the result will depend on the camera capabilities of your phone – if the quality is poor, the app won’t be able to improve it and make it look professional. 

Passport Photo Online 

Passport Photo Online is a browser-based passport photo editor that can help you create a biometric picture for the documents you need. The process is very simple: you import or take a photo, the AI technology adjusts the image to the document requirements, your picture gets verified, and then it’s ready to be downloaded. 

However, the service is not free – the price ranges from $17.95 to $21.95. Besides, this method requires a stable Internet connection, and as with other online tools, you are putting your data at risk while updating files on a website. 


Now you know several ways to prepare passport-size photos: in software for a PC, a mobile app, and an online image editor. They have different technical requirements, functionality, and interface designs, but each method has its pros and cons. 

For quick edits, we recommend you prepare your photos on the go with a Smartphone iD. To create document pictures without downloading anything on your device, use an online service such as Passport Photo Online. But if you want guaranteed photo approval, then use Passport Photo Maker for Windows – it has an intuitive interface, a reasonable price, automatic tools, and a database of photo requirements to help you.