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4 Best Intel Processors For Video Editing [Updated List]

Best Intel Processors For Video Editing

Here’s the list of best Intel processors for video editing

Video editing is one of the more power-intensive processes which can be performed on a computer. Innovation and evolving designs have equipped regular PCs and laptops with high-end processing systems to carry out the state-of-art. The days are gone when you had to hire bulky machines and large teams to produce videos and digital imagery.

But as any video editing expert can tell you that getting an efficient work output can be quite tricky when your system fails to keep up with your ideas. Picking out the right kind of processor with high clocking speeds at budget-friendly rates is integral to realize your true potential as a digital editor.

Intel has been a pioneer in digital processing systems. Ever since its conception, it has manufactured some of the most advanced hardware systems and processors. With all the latest features combined in one chip, you know you can count on Intel.

Buying the best Intel processor for video editing can be a hectic ordeal, especially if you don’t speak complicated hardware jargon. With our simplified list, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to pick out the ideal processor. Compare different features and model highlights to discover the right processor for you.

List of Best Intel Processors for Video Editing

Check out the list of best Intel processors for video editing.

1. INTEL 9th GEN CORE i9-9900K

INTEL 9th GEN CORE i9-9900K

The 9th Gen Intel core is guaranteed to give you the best possible video editing experience. This processor is designed to work with 8 cores and 16 threads. This powerful processor is designed to double up the processing threads with the advanced hyper-threading feature.

It’s also equipped with a tremendous processing power of almost 5.0 GHz. You can be assured of a smooth video editing process with no glitches, with this intensive mega-powered model.

That’s not all, this processor can also be overclocked to speed up all the functions as the i9 is an unlocked processor. Besides video editing, the Intel i9 is the ideal choice for hard-core gamers and professional software developers.

These new processors are priced a bit high at$357 but you can count on them to ensure the best ever PC work experience.

2. INTEL 9th GEN CORE i7-9700K

INTEL 9th GEN CORE i7-9700K

The Intel i7 9700K core has been vouched as one of the most efficient and reliable processors in the market. This processor is designed to work with 8 cores and 8 threads for an overall strengthening of processing power.

Without the i9’s hyperthreading, this design is a bit slower, but it can handle immense workloads and give you an optimal work experience. Coupled with the overclocking feature, you get to enjoy a high-paced processing power more remarkable than the 4.9 GHz turbo speed.

As the predecessor of the new i9 core, this model might not give all the same power, but it can still give you a fantastic video editing experience at a much lower price of $409. There is also the added advantage of greater durability with this tried and tested design.

3. INTEL 9th GEN CORE i7-9700

INTEL 9th GEN CORE i7-9700

Yet another i7 core release from Intel, this processor equips your CPU with the key processing speed required to handle video editing. Unlike the 9700K chip, this model cannot be overclocked to enhance the regular boost speed.

The operating frequency is lowered to 4.7 GHz, which might lead to a slight processing lag when you take up heavy multi-tasking on your PC. But as a trade-off; this model is much more energy-efficient, ensuring that you don’t overheat the laptop and damage your system.

It’s also more wallet-friendly as it’s sold for $ 391 in retail outlets. The i7-9700 Intel processor will be your go-to choice if you want to maintain a high processing system at a smaller cost.

4. INTEL 9th GEN CORE i5-9600K

INTEL 9th GEN CORE i5-9600K

The Intel i5 core 9600K model continues to be a strong contender for one of the best Intel processors developed for video editing. It comes with the efficient, fast clock feature, which is a classic highlight of Intel processors. Thanks to this, it can perform quite well even without the advanced hyperthreading design.

The i5 is not equipped to handle multiple high-intensity loads at the same time; but it shouldn’t be a big problem for editors utilizing energy minimal video software. Of course, you could always overclock the processor to boost up speeds whenever required.

This model comes with terrific features at a significantly lower price of $ 263. The budget does not have to be a constraint when you’re aiming at top quality work. However, you should remember that this chip is not exclusively designed for video editing which might be a shortcoming when compared to the other models.

How To Pick The Best Intel Processor?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re on the lookout for a processor.


While 4 cores are good enough for essential editing software; a minimum of 6 cores is recommended for the professional who wants a premium work output.


A good GPU, coupled with your CPU, can be a great way to maximize the quality of your work.

Memory Cache

The cache is a short-term memory storing feature; which is yet another critical aspect for a video editor as it can boost up the processing speed.


The overall cost of the processor can be analyzed by comparison of its features and figuring out what’s right for you.


It is important to make sure that the Processing Unit of your system can manage large tasks effortlessly without glitching and slowing down your work process. Video editing can often consume large memory space and processing power to completely bring down your PC if you have the wrong device set up.

This is why we have cataloged the best Intel processors on the market; to help you to shop for your processor without any hassle. The best Intel processors for video editing are listed out on the basis of price and processing capacity so that potential buyers know their products well before buying them.

Is Intel better for video editing?

Yes, Intel processors are excellent when it comes to video editing.

How much RAM do I need for 4k video editing?

Minimum 16GB RAM is enough for editing 4K videos.

Which processor is best for 4K video editing?

Ryzen 5 3600 is best for 4K video editing.

Is i5 or i7 better for video editing?

i7 is better than i5 because it has extra cores that benefits you in editing the 4K videos.

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