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8 Best Linux Desktop Environments For Developers

Best Linux Desktop Environments For Developers

If you are a developer, you must know what are the best Linux desktop environments for developers. The desktop environment is the core of your system. If you are not friendly with the desktop, you won’t perform like a prime time. Therefore, you must choose the best Linux desktop environment. Because without a compatible desktop you can’t be able to perform the way you want.

Hence to decide which will be the best Linux desktop environment, we have made a list that might be useful for all the programmers and developers. Because getting trails of each website won’t be an ideal practice as it may require some extra time. That’s why this list could be useful for you and you can choose one of the best Linux desktops depending upon their features and use.

List Of Best Linux Desktop Environments For Developers

The desktop environment for developers usually concerns how your desktop looks or feels. If you don’t get a good user experience, it will be difficult to use your desktop or PC. Checking out every desktop environment is time-consuming work. Therefore to reduce your efforts we have created a list of the best Linux desktop environments for you.

1. KDE


KDE is the most popular and preferred desktop environment used by developers. It is also known as the Plasma desktop. One can customize this desktop environment according to their use. KDE is a lightweight desktop therefore it is mostly preferred by developers. XFCE used to be the lightweight desktop environment before the arrival of KDE. But KDE made sure to beat the XFCE.

There are various things in which KDE is superior to XFCE and many tests have proven the same. You can easily connect your phone to the Linux system with the help of KDE connect. Quick communication becomes possible due to the Plasma browser. Above all mentioned points proves that KDE is the most flexible Linux desktop environment for all developers.


  • Provides Quick Communication
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Modern Interface


  • Little difficult for beginners

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There is no specific need to tell the popularity of GNOME amongst the developers. It is by far the best Linux desktop environment for developers. Many of the Linux users use GNOME as their Go-to desktop environment. It is easy to access and you can customize it as per your requirements.

The user interface is built in such a way that it gives a unique experience. But the only negative thing about GNOME is that it is not lightweight. Therefore, making the developer asking to install the same in your old computers or system with lesser RAM, won’t work. However, Windows users aren’t able to enjoy this good user interface.


  • Customizable
  • Modern UI


  • Not for Windows User
  • Not for Old computers

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3. Mate


This desktop environment is based on GNOME 2. MATE was developed for those who were upset with the previous version of GNOME, named GNOME 3. Even though it is based on the same ground, MATE has improved all its issues that were previously faced by developers.

The compatibility of the MATE desktop made sure that it is comfortable for all users. MATE offers you several basic applications and also includes some built-in yet useful tools. There is only one disadvantage of Ubuntu MATE that you may not get an intuitive user experience. But to ignore the same, there are a lot of benefits of using MATE.


  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight


  • Average User Interface

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4. Xfce


When it comes to lightweight Xfce is one of the best Linux desktop environments for developers out there. It provides great features experience and if you want a performance-centric desktop environment without any advanced customization, Xfce can be the best option for you.

To give an example, you can check ZorinOS 15Lite. Because we have set the XFce Linux desktop environment as default.

Several Linux distributions like Xubuntu, MX Linux, Zorin OS Lite, Manjaro Linux, and many others feature Xfce as the default desktop environment.


  • Adaptable to old hardware
  • The UI is familiar with Windows


  • Lack of advanced customization

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5. Budgie


Solus developed a Budgie desktop. Now many of us may don’t have an idea about the Solus. Well, Solus is an independently developed Linux distro where they utilize GNOME technologies such as GTK to develop the Budgie desktop environment.

It’s a perfect blend of modern UI and traditional interface. And it is a completely lightweight desktop environment. Due to these reasons, Budgie is one of the best Linux desktop environments for developers.


  • With modern UI and elegant look
  • Intuitive and solid
  • Flawless desktop experience


  • You have to set it up on your own

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6. LXQt


As compared to LXDE, LXQt is a light-weighted desktop environment. That’s why it is one of the best Linux desktop environments for developers. And another point is that it is more safe and elegant in look as compared to LXDE. If you are thinking of changing your desktop environment, LXQt can be an impressive choice.


  • Light in weight
  • Faster
  • Decent UI for lightweight systems


  • It is less customizable

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7. Deepin


Sometimes it’s not enough to offer lightweight and customization. But some developers need eye candy too. This offers you a macOS-ish interface. Deepin is full of animations and layouts, that’s why developers appreciate it.

At first, it was available only on DeepinOs. But now it’s being added to some other distributions. A recent study states that most people are adopting Deepin as an elegant look and due to animations.


  • Best user interface
  • Best Linux desktop environment due to sleek automation


  • Resource usage is high

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8. Cinnamon


In the beginning, Cinnamon was designed to be the default desktop environment for Linux Mint. There are various similarities between Cinnamon and Windows user interface. Therefore, new users of Linux find it easy to get comfortable with the same.

The Cinnamon desktop environment is trying to become a modern environment that also offers a traditional user interface. It also has a sleek and polished look, making it the most preferred choice by traditional Linux developers.


  • Sleek Look
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable


  • Average Interface

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Final words

So, these were the best Linux desktop environments for developers because every user demands a different interface as per their requirements. Some look for fast performance and some look for sleek animations and UI.

Which Linux desktop environment is best for programming?

KDE is the best Linux desktop environment for programming.

Why is Xfce so popular?

Xfce is popular because it is lighweight and easy to use.

What are the 5 operating system?

The 5 operating systems are Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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