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5 Best Mini ITX Case For NAS [Updated List For This Year]

Best Mini ITX Case For NAS

Here’s the list of best mini ITX case for NAS.

The Mini ITX being a compact motherboard configuration houses most of your computer’s functionality. Your video, audio, and LAN connections are built into the Mini-ITX. This here and itself exemplifies the potency of the Mini ITX and its importance to your computer.

Henceforth, we had decided to gather the best Mini ITX cases that we deemed to be the perfect fit for your computer. Check out the information below to get a much better idea of the best mini ITX case for NAS as per their availability. Don’t worry; you will be able to rest assured of their quality and reliability.

List of Best Mini ITX Case For NAS

Let’s dive right into it as we explore the best Mini ITX case for NAS!

1. iStarUSA Mini ITX Case

iStarUSA Mini ITX Case

Equipped to serve your needs, this fiery product packs a punch with an extremely powerful data saver, ultra-super speed of data transfer. Weighing around 14.50 lbs and made out of an aluminum alloy designed for durability and sustenance. Along with such the iStarUSA, the Mini ITX case has high-quality peripheral connectors to sustain the connection.

This is the way to go if you happen to have confidential information within your computer as the iStarUSA Mini ITX Case comes with the inclusion of a front door lock. Furthermore, as it allows a space of 2.5 inches for the inclusion of your OS HDD.


  • Good Performance and reliability.
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • Light-weight.


  • Some finds it expensive.

2. Silverstone CS015 Mini ITX Case

Silverstone CS015 Mini ITX Case

The Silverstone product is a two in one compact Mini ITX Case featuring a sleek modern outlook on a sharp maximum functionality robust wonder. Maximum power outreach and accurate data transmission allow the Silverstone CS015 to boast of impressive performance.

The Silverstone CS015 is compatible with the Mini-ITX motherboard and supports the use of an STX power supply. A noteworthy factor here is the simultaneous support of a 2.5 and 3.5-inch drive.


  • Excellent design.
  • The processor is equipped to handle high workloads.
  • Allows the inclusion of an extra fan.


  • Has a tendency to heat up.

3. Cooler Master 110RC-110-KKN2

Cooler Master 110RC-110-KKN2

There are many distinguishable features present within this product, but perhaps the most satisfying is the mixture of hybrids. This ITX case also comes with an in-built hotplug. The best part of all? Users are able to add in up to 3HDDs or 4SSDs!

The cooler master, as the name suggests, features a primarily targeted benefit that helps cool down your system with the integration of a comprehensive airflow system. The Cooler Master would be quite helpful when you are going for a comparison game build or even an HTPC.


  • Uninterrupted data transfer.
  • Superfast speed.
  • Great Build Quality.


  • Larger in size.

4. Silverstone DS380B Mini ITX Case

Silverstone DS380B Mini ITX Case

This exceptional case is lightweight, compact, and has the highest performance and durability. The Silverstone DS380B is armed with a powerful fan; that allows the case to remain in a complete cooldown state. One of a kind modifications has been made to this to ensure this mini ITX case to allow for an 11” Graphics card.

The storage space and the versatile options that are offered with the Silverstone DS380B is quite frankly amazing. Not only does it give you a premium finish with its brushed aluminum door and its adjustable LED.

It also extends its support for the inclusion of up to 12 drives in all, and 8 of them are swappable 2.5 and 3.5 inches, yet it comes with four 2.5-inch drives that are fixed.


  • Unique design.
  • Cost-effective.
  • High retention power.
  • Fantastic performance and seamless working.


  • It’s a bit large and bulky.

5. Thermal Take CA-1E6-00S1WN-00

Thermal Take CA-1E6-00S1WN-00

It’s composed of an aluminum build structure allowing for maximum durability. The Thermal Take CA-1E600S1WN-00 comes with a dynamic and fast-paced data transfer system. It brings to the table wireless connectivity that ensures you will not be disconnected in any case.

A minimalist piece of art; the dual modular cooling performance is simply outstanding as it also allows for a system supported DIY liquid cooling system. The Thermal Take does not lag in any department, and this means it’s also entirely customizable. You can install up to 4 data storage devices.


  • No noisy or irritating fan.
  • Removable side filters.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Removable side filters.
  • Bottom pane built with shockproof rubbers.


  • Not too appealing to the eye.

Keep an eye on the following when buying a Mini ITX Case for NAS.

There are a few little things to keep in mind if you hope to get yourself one among the best Mini ITX case for NAS from the handpicked list above. You must consider its cooling system, memory capacity, data transfer speed, and water resistance.

Why are these the main points that you must take away? Well, if the cooling system is not of the foremost quality standards, your ITX case will heat up in the process of data transfer. If the case is not dust and water-resistant it will hamper data movement. But perhaps the most important takeaway of them is memory capacity.

You don’t want it to become a big hassle a little while down the road; due to the maximum memory capacity that is offered by your ITX case. Hence, you want to be able to install more drives where needed.

But you also make sure of the data transfer speed. This is also one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a Mini ITX case for NAS. Of course, for obvious reasons, you want to allow for maximum data transmission. Still, it’s to be duly noted that a data transmission rate of above 5000MHz is the ideal preference; when it comes to buying yourself an ITX case.

With this, you should be able to get yourself one of the best ITX cases for your NAS.

What is the best mini ITX case?

NZXT H200i is the best mini ITX case.

What does ITX stand for?

ITX stands for Information Technology eXtended.

Is it possible to determine the form factor without opening?

Yes, you can tell by seeing the shape and size of the case.

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