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5 Best Minimalist Launchers For Android [Best Picks]

Best Minimalist Launchers For Android

Ever thought that you can customize everything just according to how you want it to be along with owning your phone? In the last article best Android launchers for privacy, it was discussed in brief about what Android launchers are and how it works. In short, Android launchers are software that does not make permanent changes to your device, just makes your device work according to the way you want it. Apart from those, there exist some minimalist launchers for Android too. In this article, the best minimalist launchers for Android are discussed so that you can customize your phone.

List Of Best Minimalist Launchers For Android

The best minimalist launchers for Android are listed below.

1. Before Launcher

Before Launcher

If you are tired of using a boring UI smartphone then this is the best minimalist launcher for Android, specifically for you. Why are we calling it the best? Let’s have a look at the features. The best part of this launcher is that it will block most notifications and help you overcome your distractions.

With a simplistic theme and minimal apps on your home screen, you will only access the ones you feel are important for you. You can hide the less important apps and give a different look to the app icons.


2. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher

If you are going to use AIO Launcher, everything that seems significant to you is all on your home screen. Yes, you read that correctly. From weather and notifications to calendar and exchange, all are available on your home screen, and just a tap would do the required work. Other than these, you will get different beautiful themes, icon packs, font sizes, etc.


3. Takan


How would your phone look without icons? Well, we all think of that till date. From the smallest phone to the bigger screen ones, we have always seen apps with icons. But, don’t worry. This launcher can remove the icons from your phone’s apps. Of course, if you want them, you can set that accordingly, and here you have the freedom to search the apps you are looking for just by typing it using the fixed keyboard that Takan provides.

If you love monochromatic vibes then you can get that too on your phone by using Takan. This launcher actually defines how a minimalist launcher for Android should be. Since you can navigate using the keyboard only, Takan has given the freedom to change the font style and size of the fixed keyboard.


4. Olauncher


If you are looking out for something similar to Takan launcher, then you have Olauncher for yourself that also has the black and white theme. Well, nothing colorful is available here.

You can get app icons and you can also add your most favorite eight apps to the home screen. No one usually wants to hide the date and time but in case you are looking for that, you can do that in Olauncher. Other than this, you have the privilege to set the app alignment too.


5. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

The time has gone when the phone screens were smaller than your fingers! Now that you have a bigger screen, just make the best use of it using Niagara Launcher. With just a single tap, now you can totally customize your phone with one of the best minimalist launchers for Android as declared by Tom’s Guide, Android Central, Android Authority, and TechRadar.

With this launcher, your phone’s UI becomes very easy to use. You don’t have to look for the folders of apps, you can access them easily. Even if any text pops up, you can read and reply to them from the home screen itself.



Since there are numerous minimalist launchers for Android, knowing the features and having the correct information whether they are good to use or not depends on many things. The most important thing that you should look for is whether the software is available on Google Play Store or not. If it is available on Google Play Store, then the chances of the software being verified increase a lot more. That was just a tip to those who will use these best minimalist launchers for Android. The rest of the people should also try out once and have an experience of something new!

Which launcher is the best for Android?

Nova Launcher is the best launcher for Android.

Does launchers drain battery?

Yes, most of the launchers drain the phone’s battery.

Which is the best minimalist launcher?

Niagara Launcher is the best minimalist launcher.

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