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10 Best Personal Finance Apps For iPhone/Android [Free & Paid]

Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

Worried about your budget, try finding the best personal finance apps for iPhone/Android. Applications that will do the math for you and will keep a record of every penny spent by you. Moreover, it even helps you save your money, notify you about overspending and give you readable and understandable data of your budget.

Best Personal Finance Apps For iPhone/Android

Let’s unwrap the best personal finance apps for iPhone/Android, and see what features they bring for you.

1. Mint


Just like its name implies, the Mint application will give you a chill feel with its way of working. To handle your multiple accounts and to synchronize them with your spending, Mint can be a better choice. It monitors all sorts of data from transactions to expenses. If you are planning to save money, this application gets thoroughly into your accounts and makes it effortless to save money. Besides this, it also advises you on managing your money.

The Mint application features real-time alerts that make you pay your bills on time. This application is wired with other popular financial applications like TurboTax, QuickBooks making it user-friendly for you. To take benefit of its pro-tools you can make an in-app purchase at $24.99.

2. PocketGuard


You may not be able to guard your pocket being cut in local trains but with Pocketguard you can secure your money with ease. It saves you from making unnecessary spending and enables you to draw a budget, track all your spending, and suggest pro tips to double your savings. It closely watches all your subscriptions and helps you in canceling and getting a refund for redundant services.

Pocketguard provides bank-level security via PIN code and biometric password (Touch ID and Face ID) that prevents it from unauthorized access.

This application assists in accomplishing financial goals with its in-depth progress analysis. Its remarkable feature namely “autosave” can maximize your savings.

3. MoneyStandards


Managing financial accounts and their activities isn’t an easy job unless you hire a smart assistant. So to save your money, Money Standards can do the job for free. It offers easy access to your account activities. Whilst monitoring your spending, this application also categorizes expenses for groceries, shopping, bill payment, and others.

Apart from this, Money Standards has an integrated calendar that keeps you up-to-date with your expenses and makes better plans for them. This application presents reports in detailed charts and graphs for deep insights into your budget. Moreover, it protects your data with 256-bit SSL encryption without charging a single penny. Hence going with Money Standards can be a standard pick for you.

4. Mobills


If you are terrible at handling your budget or creating one then surely you need to hire a finance manager like Mobills. This application tracks your activities thoroughly and reports in graphs. The graphs briefs about where the money coming from and where it is going (including cash flows).

Moreover, this application also manages all the things such as Credit cards, bill payments, expenses, and incomes in one place. It even advises you and makes plans for you to spend wisely.

Mobills tracks geolocation that gives you control over your expenses and flawless cloud synchronization. This application can also be used in offline mode for free with limited services. To get more of it you can buy its premium version starting at $4.99/month.

5. Fudget


It is not always possible to achieve goals in one go. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, to make your budget flexible as per your capacity Fudget offers you weekly and monthly plans. This finance application supports an intuitive user-interface that assists you in creating a habit of achieving small goals and checking out which area of the budget is troublesome on your savings.

Although, Fudget is free but upgrading to its premium version ($3.99) you can get the benefit of other useful services such as save data in dropbox, restore it as a CSV file, a handy calculator for correct math, and a handful of themes.

6. Money Lover

Money Lover

Making money is tough yet managing your hard-earned money is tougher. Here comes the role of Money Lover that doesn’t let you regret any spending. This application has a clean user-interface and features. It has an in-built smart money manager that helps you pay your debts on time and tracks your income, expenses, payments, and bills.

The saving planner guides you in saving money and gives reports of incomes and expenses. It also points out the area needs more care in budgeting.

The most striking feature is that it supports various currencies and uses an in-built calculator to do math hassle-free. It also provides a premium version that grants unlimited wallets, ad-free access, and data report in CSV format.

7. Personal Capital

Personal Capital

You must have seen your parents doing things like FD, RD, and investing in many policies as a retirement plan. With Personal Capital, you don’t have to worry about your future financial security. This application works as a portfolio tracker by keeping an eye on your finances and investments. It also features a retirement planner that suggests wise tactics to save money and it keeps all your accounts in one place and capitalizes your money in an investment, stocks, and debts wisely. Once you set a plan, Personal Capital sets some rules to save you from extravagance.

Thus, it can prove to be one of the best personal finance apps for iPhone that manages accounts and future savings.

8. Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Understanding terminologies and managing a good score for a credit card can be hectic. Credit Karma sets you free by taking responsibility on its shoulders. It assists you with expert tips to gain a good credit card score and alerts you about the factor where you may lose it.

Furthermore, it features a savings account where you can earn high interest and increase your savings. It helps you with getting the best deal on credit cards, autotune your loans and debt pending. Credit Karma keeps you aware of major government programs and policies for example; getting benefits from debt relief programs.

9. Clarity Money

Clarity Money

Unlike other applications, Clarity Money acts as Artificial Intelligence to analyze personal finances and provide suggestions to manage money efficiently. It links all your accounts and monitors finances from one spot. Adding to this, it keeps your hands out from making extravagances and shares tips for better budgeting.

Clarity Money keeps you updated via timely alerts. If it ever finds you, breaking rules it will send you warnings. This application also notifies you about your extra savings.



To avoid penalties and debts getting unfold; try this application I Owe You (IOU). It syncs with your accounts and alerts you for recurring debts, unsettled debts, partial payments, and the history of all this. In any case, you need to lend or borrow money don’t hesitate to take help from IOU.

Apart from this, you can split your debts with anyone using IOU and can stay connected to your debtor via e-mail, SMS without risking privacy. Lastly, it safeguards your data by cloud synchronization. Nonetheless, IOU can be your reliable debt manager with all the efficient skills.

Is there anything better than Mint?

Yes, Personal capital is better than Mint and it is free to use.

Which is the best personal finance app?

Mint is the best personal finance application.

Which is the safest budgeting app?

Personal Capital is the safest budgeting application.

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