7 Best Photo Filter Apps [Android & iOS]

Best Photo Filter Apps

Let’s talk about the best photo filter apps that are easy to use and provide high quality. No matter what you do on the internet, blog, or any type of content creation. Today’s date needs a good-quality photo editor. Basic lighting and color manipulation can turn your average photos into something that is professional.

List Of Best Photo Filter Apps

Going deep into the knowledge of photo editing can take years of hard work. But today, we are going to talk about apps that can provide you with the best quality in just a couple of minutes. Let’s start the list and remember this is not a ranked list which means you can choose the app that suits your needs.

1. PhotoDirector


This application is compatible with both Apple and Android products and also is one of the best photo filter apps because it offers 400+ filters. The PhotoDirector app will be enough to fulfill your filter needs. You will spend many days exploring before you run out of filters. The developers constantly improve the app with updates.

If you have tried to edit photos, you know how difficult it is to choose the filter that suits your photo. But with PhotoDirector you don’t have to worry at all. No matter what you want to do with the image, whether you want to turn it into old fashion or modern urban vibes, PhotoDirector helps to blend the photo with filters seamlessly.

The ability to customize your settings and tools helps you to do everything manually. Adjusting the tone, color, brightness, and contrast has never been simpler before.

Reasons to Use

  • High AI for animation
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Background blur and dispersion effect
  • More than a thousand templates for collages and photo filters with stickers

Download: Android / iOS



This app is loved by Instagram users because VSCO is a simple-to-use photo editing app that allows you to have high-performance editing tools. If you want you can customize filters and make some of your own to use in the future. Unlike PhotoDirector there will be some filters that are not free to use.

You will have to take up a subscription to use all the features and filters. Also, make sure you spend some time with the app because it takes some time to master it to use it for the best results. You will find tons of YouTube videos that explain how to use this app.

Reasons to Use

  • Customize filters
  • New users can use the app easily

Download: Android / iOS

3. Canva


Canva is one of the most popular apps and software that is used also to create posters and basic graphics. Users get access to a large gallery of collage templates, fonts, stickers, and graphic elements to use. Other tools will help you to create good content that looks aesthetic and internet worthy.

But still, if you want something more professional then you should go with PhotoDirector. If you are a newbie and like Graphic design then starting your journey on Canva is good enough.

Reasons to Use

  • New users can quickly get used to it
  • Graphic elements and a wide range of templates

Download: Android / iOS

4. SnapSeed


Snapseed is a lightweight application that will work fine on all types of devices. This app is easy to handle and provides various basic photography tools. Filters, auto adjust, presets, and many more tools help you to edit without any hassle. The most adored feature of Snapseed is the Tune function. This option lets you play with the lighting, warmth, and color of the image.

But one thing that bothers users is that the guiding system is not well polished and the app does require some time to fully master.

Reasons to Use

  • Interesting visual effect options
  • Variety of templates and filters
  • Tune feature

Download: Android / iOS

5. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

This is a high-end application that is even available on Mac and Windows. The lightroom application is best known for its color manipulation features. The exact same quality is given in the mobile app though some high-end tools have been cut.

The variety of options helps to change the color theme and scheme of your images very quickly. But if you like to edit the photo beyond color manipulation, maybe you should use the above platforms. Because this is a lighter version of Photoshop. The company has limited the tools and features.

Reasons to Use

  • Color tone editing tools
  • High-end quality

Download: Android / iOS

6. Airbrush


This is for the ladies to constantly try to retouch their facial skin for a smooth and glowing look. Airbrush helps to provide tools that can do high-end retouching and makeup. You can even change the color and style of your hair.

With all the features, you also receive a good amount of filters for different vibes. But sadly, there are no dedicated filters for scenery and landscape photos. If you don’t like to spend hours editing photos and just want simple editing then Airbrush is a good app for you.

Reasons to Use

  • Good guide system
  • Hairstyle and color are customizable

Download: Android / iOS

7. Lensa


This app is not an ordinary photo editing app instead it is a selfie editing app that will make sure you are the best highlight of every photo. Retouching skin and wrinkle removal is not the only thing you receive in the package. You can also erase objects, blur backgrounds, and use different lenses for the best outcome possible.

With such exclusive tools, you also receive some effects and filters that will work on landscape, food, selfie, and many more types of photography. You can also play with basic settings where you can change the tone and exposure.

Reasons to Use

  • Various controls and editing options to work on eyes
  • Can edit photos in batch

Download: Android / iOS

Final Words

So, these were our best picks. We tried to avoid apps like BeautyPlus due to their controversy and privacy doubts. All of them are top recommendations and will definitely make you look awesome on social media. We recommend you watch YouTube videos to understand the applications completely. If you think we missed any apps, let us know which best photo filter apps you think are worthy of this list.

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