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10 Best Roguelike Games On PS4 [Best Picks For You]

Best Roguelike Games On PS4

Here’s a list of the best Roguelike Games on PS4.

Imagine, you are playing a game that is kind of hard and you’ve put hours into it. And suddenly, just because you were drinking coffee while playing and your eyes moved from the screen to your mug and Bang! You’re dead, your progress has been thrown into the trash, your inventory items (that you collected by grinding for hours) – poof, all gone!

Rogue-like games are like this. If you die, it’s permanent. These types of games can take a toll on you the moment you get attached, if you not paying attention either your inventory items are gone or your game character dies. But the fact is that when you lose your progress in a matter of seconds it makes the game more challenging and alluring.

Most of us have played the Angkor Wat mobile game, and it still oozes with good vibes and nostalgia to help you relive those moments. Given below are the top picks of Roguelike games that you can play on Playstation 4.

List Of Best Roguelike Games On PS4

The games listed below are the best Roguelike games on PS4.

1. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is one of the new waves of the Roguelike genre that went public in 2014 when the genre was on an all-time high. Till date, it shines and is one of the best Roguelike Games on PS4.

The gameplay revolves around a knight who fights his way through the rooms and galleries of an old castle. To fight enemies, there are multiple characters to choose from. Each character has a unique ability and shortfall that makes the game far from repetitive. The best part is that this game defies the common culture of the Rogue genre as you can still possess your wealth after death.

2. Atomicrops


The recent COVID outbreak made it clear that an apocalyptic world is not a far-fetched fantasy where we dream of surviving through hordes of undead. Through Atomicrops you might be able to live your fantasy, where you are a farmer armed with guns and trying to fight with zombies. The twist is that Atomicrops is also a farming simulator while being a Rogue-like game.

The gameplay revolves around you trying to keep away zombies from your farm, and sometimes you also have to venture further to find seeds and tools for your farm. While it refrains from disheartening you, it still manages to give you hope making you engrossed and addicted.

3. Downwell


The game is so simplistic that you’ll think there’s not much to do in it. But don’t let its two-colored visual styles fool you. In this game, you are an unnamed character who jumps down a well and on your way down you’ll find surprises, both nasty and wholesome.

You have 4 lives at the initial stage and as you progress, you’ll find upgrades. But if you die at any point even when fighting the giant boss at the end of the well, you’ll have to start from the very beginning.

4. RAD


Rogue-like games are characterized by fantasy-based narrative games which are of simple concept but way too difficult to master. To name a masterpiece that excelled in it is RAD. It is one of the best Roguelike Games on PS4 that was set up in a post-apocalyptic world. RAD is a very color-rich and polished Rogue game where you fight undead creatures to outlive.

The fighting element of RAD is the most enticing one because you can’t just shoot a barrage of bullets without the risk of getting hit, mutated creatures can be cunning too.

5. Moonlighter


Your first thought after watching the gameplay of Moonlighter would be that it’s too bright and light. But hold your horses because the darker parts are yet to come. Moonlighter is a two-phased game where you’ll initially be a shopkeeper, and after earning a good profit, you can buy a good set that will help you while exploring the dungeons later on.

Moonlighter lets you keep a little bit of loot that you’ve acquired. But if you died in the game, no matter on which level you are, you’ll have to start from the beginning. You can also sell earned rewards in the game shop.

6. The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding Of Isaac

When someone said ‘make your struggles and tears your weapon’ Edmund McMillen took it a bit seriously. Because in ‘The Binding of Isaac’, your tears are your only projectile weapons which are kind of hilarious. But Alas! The game is in total contrast because you’ll see only blood, guts, and poo.

The game setup is simple as always, you are a character named Isaac who has to make his way through a very dangerous labyrinthine basement where things get ugly real fast. You have to clear each level by defeating a boss, and at the end of each level, you get a quirk.

But will you be able to survive this ordeal with only 3 lives while trying to manage through all the gruesome and gory rooms? If yes, give this game a try.

7. The Sword Of Ditto

The Sword Of Ditto

With its Zelda-like gameplay, The Sword of Ditto gives off a warm essence from the game and the cartoon-style art seems welcoming too. Because of its game concept, this game was able to catch the attention of many people and somehow became one of the best Roguelike Games on PS4.

Here, you are a character named ‘Sword’, and you’re given a time period to level yourself up to defeat Mormo. You have many ways to test your strength, whether it’s Dungeon clearing or exploring. But if you fail, you’ll have to start from scratch.

8. Death Road To Canada

Death Road To Canada

Death Road to Canada is one of the best Roguelike games on PS4 and also one of the best PS4 survival games. It is a gameplay of a randomly generated journey to Canada which turns out to be very eventful. Although the game graphics are not so good, they will never let anyone down.

On your journey to Canada, you’ll meet people who’ll join you. But before you get attached to them, they’ll be lost in the hordes of zombies. You also have to face zombies while securing food and fuels in locations and buildings. Death Road to Canada has an ominous sound theme and gameplay which is not repetitive, making it one of the best picks.

9. Hand Of Fate 2

Hand Of Fate 2

Hand of Fate 2 is a gambling game but don’t worry it will not harm your real money. It is addictive and you’ll be engrossed in it for hours. Hand of Fate 2 won’t focus on your skill but your luck is the key to level up yourself. You’ll have to draw cards that will decide your future and just like gambling, some cards will benefit you greatly while other cards will throw you into situations that will harm your health points or your status.

And each time you play after dying you’ll again get random cards. Altogether, it’s one of the best Roguelike Games on PS4 with a twisted taste of the Rogue genre.

10. Ironcast


Set in an alternate timeline of Victorian England, Ironcast’s game concept might look like a candy crush game but has so many elements of surprise. You are the last defense standing between the cruel mechs, and if you fail, death is inevitable.

You have to win the gem-matching puzzle to save humankind. Failure is not an option in this game. You have to complete the task in the given time otherwise it’s all finished.

Do check out Ironcast as a change in the perspective of the Rogue-like genre.


With an end to the list of the best Roguelike Games on PS4, we would always suggest you check out every other game on your own and have fun! Don’t forget to tell us which game you like.

Which is the most popular Roguelike game?

Enter the Gungeon is the most popular Roguelike game.

Is The Binding of Isaac the best Roguelike game?

Yes, The Binding of Isaac is the best Roguelike game.

Is Diablo a Roguelike game?

Yes, Diablo is a Roguelike game.

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