3 Best Scroll Reverser Alternatives

Best Scroll Reverser Alternatives

Here are some of the best scroll reverser alternatives. With the numerous screens that surround us every single day, it can get a tad bit overwhelming when every device scrolls differently. To simplify this issue, Scroll Reverser is one of the popular apps that allows you to reverse the scrolling direction on your device. There are several reasons why one would require such a utility some of which are as follows:

  • Used to scroll in a different direction

Many people who are used to using Windows computers are used to scrolling in the opposite direction than what is the default on a Mac. This can be jarring and uncomfortable for them, and a scroll reverser can help them get used to the new scrolling direction.

  • Certain disabilities can make the scroll reverser alternative difficult

Some people have disabilities that make it difficult for them to scroll in the default direction. For example, people with tremors may find it difficult to scroll down by moving their mouse wheel up. A scroll reverser can help these people to scroll more easily.

  • Different scrolling preferences

Some people may prefer to scroll in one direction for certain tasks, and in another direction for other tasks. For example, they may prefer to scroll down by moving their mouse wheel up when they are reading a document, but they may prefer to scroll down by moving their mouse wheel down when they are browsing a website. A scroll reverser can help them to achieve this.

Since this seems to make life easier for a variety of reasons, being able to reverse scroll is quite a handy little utility. Scroll Reverser might be the most preferred app for this but there obviously are a few other alternatives available that offer a similar functionality. In this article, we will discuss three of these scroll reverser alternatives, namely, Mac Mouse Fix, LinearMouse, and MOS. We seek to compare these free and open-source apps in terms of their features and functionality to help you choose the one that most suits your needs.

List of Best Scroll Reverser Alternatives

1. MOS

This is a self-proclaimed lightweight tool for smooth scrolling. With MOS, you can easily set separate controls for your mouse and trackpad and can also change the scrolling speed. Moreover, you can even set different scrolling directions for different apps depending on your preferences. Hence, this is a good option for those who want to be able to reverse the scrolling direction for specific applications.

2. LinearMouse

Highly customizable to fit all your needs, LinearMouse is a great way to customize not just the scrolling direction on your mouse and trackpad. It even lets you customize pointer speed, pointer acceleration, and modifier keys! Additionally, getting the best pointer accuracy is easy since you can even disable pointer acceleration. If you are a gamer or a designer, you will certainly appreciate this feature.

3. Mac Mouse Fix

This is a great no-frills alternative for everyone. It simply gets the job done while being simultaneously lightweight and unobtrusive. Mac Mouse Fix gives you the smooth and responsive feel of a trackpad even when you aren’t actually using one. Furthermore, you even get to change the mouse scrolling direction independently from the trackpad scrolling direction!

If you are considering using a scroll reverser, we hope that this information is useful in helping you make the right choice. Just remember that since certain options could interfere with some applications, test your option with some of your frequently used apps to ensure smooth operations. This will also make it easier for you to select an alternative that comes closest to fulfilling your specific needs. If you liked this article and found your scroll reverser alternative then be sure to share this with friends and family.