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6 Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4 That You Should Consider

Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4

We all like to use specific gadgets like a particular brand or a headphone with a particular sound. It is quite challenging for picky people to use a random stylus for your iPad mini 4. With a little bit of research and knowledge, you can gift yourself the best Stylus For iPad Mini 4.

We got you the six-best stylus for iPad mini 4 in this article to save your time. You can find all stylus’ pros and cons to buy the best one for your iPad.

List of Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4

Here are the 6 Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4.

1. Milemont Stylus Pen for Professional Work

Milemont Stylus Pen for Professional Work

This stylus is the best gadget for people who would like to be professional in every field. You can achieve perfection in drawing and writing as it has pinpoint nip. You can achieve fine details in your work using the Milemont Stylus Pen.

The fine tip of the pen makes it easy for you to use small icons effortlessly. The design and technology of this stylus pen make it compatible with all the devices. Charge it for 102 hours and enjoy the service of the Milemont stylus for 10 hours.

Besides this, if you are not using the pen for 30 minutes, it will automatically get off. This automatic feature will save the battery of the stylus to work for long hours.


  • Require 2 hours to get fully charged and work for straight 10 hours.
  • Professional design.
  • Best stylus for detailed and delicate drawing.
  • You can use the stylus instantly after unboxing.
  • This stylus pen can be used for numerous devices.


  • Compare to another stylus, charging takes more time.

2. Zspeed Stylus for iPad mini 4

Zspeed Stylus for iPad mini 4

Zspeed is the best stylus pen with all the advanced features. If you are an artist, this stylus pen should be your first choice to flaunt your creativity and details from each angle. You just need to charge the Zspeed stylus for less than one hour, and it works for 10 hours straight.

The design and material used to make Zspeed pen make it durable. Magnetic closure caps are used to keep all the dust away from the USB port. Moreover, this stylus has two tips – rubber and fiber. The material of the tips protects it from any damage.


  • The 45mm copper tips provide the maximum accuracy.
  • There are two different magnetic closure caps for USB and tips.
  • You can fully charge the pen within 1 hour, and it stands for 30 days.
  • The pen gets automatically stopped after 30 minutes pause to save battery.


  • The Zspeed stylus is not advisable for quick writing.

3. Adonit Jot Pro 4

Adonit Jot Pro 4

Adonit is one of the best stylus pen for iPad mini 4. You can get the best experience by using Adonit. It works smoothie on the screen, and you can do quiet writing. The cushion tip provides you a silent writing experience along with the use of special fluid.

The use of materials like aluminum and steel makes the stylus pen’s design exceptionally sleek and beautiful. You can easily tuck the pen anywhere using its flip.

You just need to touch the tip of the pen on the screen to use it. There is no need to use any app or external efforts.


  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Experience the quiet and smooth writing.
  • The use of materials gives it a sleek design.
  • Use the clip to tuck it.
  • There is no use of an external app or connecting device required.


  • In the stylus, there is no protecting cap for the tip.

4. BoxWave Stylus Pen

BoxWave Stylus Pen

BoxWave Corporation Pen is considered as the traditional pen designed for the iPad mini 4. You may not find all the advanced and high-tech features in this, but it is the best choice for iPad mini 4.

It has a long battery power of 12 hours, which is better than any other stylus pen. It has an excellent and instant response to the user command. All these features make it the best choice for iPad mini 4.

You can use this stylus pen to fill colour in your drawings. The effortless touch of the pen provides you the best experience.


  • The battery lasts long for straight 12 hours.
  • You can use this pen to colour your drawings on the iPad effortlessly.
  • The fine 2 mm tip provides the best tap and works smoothly.
  • The tip does quick interaction with the screen by emitting electronic pulses.


  • You can’t use palm rejection with this stylus pen.

5. CLCCON Stylus Pen

CLCCON Stylus Pen

The CLCOON stylus pen is the best choice for people looking for advanced features for their pen. CLCCON offers an adaptor, laptop, or power to charge the stylus pen.

Usually, stylus pens stand for 30 minutes after a pause, but the CLCCON pen shuts down just after 5 minutes pause. This feature increases its battery life. Some people may find it annoying due to the quick shutdown, but it saves a lot of energy.

You can get the best experience of choosing small icons due to their little 1.45mm tip. Besides this, it helps you with spelling errors.


  • You can charge it from different devices.
  • Get shutdown after 5 minutes of pause and saves a lot of energy.
  • Enables the user with spelling errors.
  • Fluent in writing and sketching.
  • You can get the feeling of writing on paper by using this stylus pen.


  • Not good with Microsoft windows.

6. Adonit Dash 3

Adonit Dash 3

Adonit Dash 3 is one of the most straightforward choices as a stylus pen for all iPads. It provides you the best drawing and writing experience. It has a long battery life of almost 14 hours.

The colour and detailed design of the Adonit Stylus pen makes it look wonderful. It has wireless connectivity.


  • It can last for long 14 hours.
  • Stylish look and colour.
  • It doesn’t require external apps for connectivity purposes.
  • This stylus is compatible with all iPads.


  • No Palm rejection.
  • Less sensitive to pressure.


As technology is increasing day by day, we all want advanced features in our gadgets. The stylus pen is the most essential gadget for iPad users. It is the companion for your iPad mini 4. Before buying any stylus pen for your iPad, you should know what purpose you will be using it, like – drawing or writing.

After setting your priorities for the stylus, search and read about different stylus pens. You can check the reviews and compatibility of the stylus pen with your iPad for better understanding.

I hope this article has made your life a bit easier during the search for the best stylus pen for your iPad mini 4.

Which stylus works with iPad Mini 4?

Milemont Stylus Pen works well with iPad Mini 4.

Are iPad Mini 4 and 5 the same size?

Yes, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5 are of same size.

Which is better Apple pencil or Logitech Crayon?

Apple Pencil is better than Logitech Crayon because Apple Pencil has pressure sensitivity where Logitech Crayon doesn’t.

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