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Top 10 Best Tech News YouTube Channels For You

Best Tech News YouTube Channels

Have you ever wondered which are the best tech news YouTube Channels? There are more than 600 million active internet users in India. And over 2.5 billion users worldwide who watch millions of videos and make millions of videos on YouTube every day.

Today, YouTube’s top channels and its contents creators have more onlookers than the residents of some countries. Many YouTube channels are getting more views than some of India’s most popular TV programs. With the ever-increasing importance of YouTube as their flower time career.

Hither, we are going to notify you about some of the best news YouTube channels. Here we have mentioned the intensifying list of the Best YouTube channel which can give you the updated Technical news.

Pause a second. Holden your seat belts?

Don’t drive crazy and run away to watch the first one! Read and find out which one is the ablest don’t forget to comment down your favorite.

List of Best Tech News YouTube Channels

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1. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee Youtube

Product reviews are popularly shown by Marques Brownlee well known as MKBHD. Planning to acquire a gadget or a smartphone and resembling an honest review! Marques Brownlee’s channel is sufficient to clear all your query. His most satisfying element is that he interviews the eminent personages from the world of tech, makes spectators get an accurate review.

  • Subscribers: 8,971,199
  • Amount of videos: 1,133
  • Views: 1,391,461,428

2. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips Youtube

Engrossed in hardware. Linus tech tips are a kernel of many hardware veterans. The Prime focus of this channel is PC; computer hardware including motherboard, keyboard, and much more is covered. Tips are also stated, to manipulate the routine enigmas of your gadget.

  • Subscribers: 8,876,025
  • Amount of videos: 4,657
  • Views: 2,782,688,603

3. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy Youtube Channel

Don’t confuse yourself if this is in the mid of this list, This channel has the supreme number of subscribers. The way they incorporate every review interestingly has procured many. They review gadgets, gaming consoles, and even PC hardware. The channel with impartial reviews.

  • Subscribers: 14,924,628
  • Amount of videos: 1,646
  • Views: 3,034,157,826

4. Austin Evans

Austin Evans Youtube

Alphabetically on the summit, Austin Evans is personally preferred by our team. Austin Evan’s Technology famous on YouTube as “Technology Guru” publishes video and is very widespread amidst the technology sites. People cherished him due to his deep-seated knowledge of technology and the suggestions he offers.

  • Subscribers: 3,774,252
  • Amount of videos: 1,571
  • Views: 721,752,193


CNET Youtube Channel

CNET is the world’s leader in tech products and is the most immeasurable tech news channel, which keeps you modernized with the tech happenings encompassing the world. This provides you with tutorial videos and interviews to oversee you accordingly. This channel also consolidates the reviews of discrete tech products.

  • Subscribers: 2,224,562
  • Amount of videos: 19,123
  • Views: 1,031,145,882

6. Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison Youtube

You guys must have learned of this disposition! Jonathan Morrison. Jonathan Morrison is a leading tech reviewer whose hub of the locus is most willingly Apply products –  MacBook, iPhones, and Mac Pc. His channel well known as ‘TLD Today’ is remarkably impressive.

  • Subscribers: 2,633,111
  • Amount of videos: 1,137
  • Views: 384,187,804


MAKE Youtube

Are you an engineer? the little engineer in you would undoubtedly make this channel as your ideal. The aforementioned channel has DIY videos and how-to videos that entice many technical thinkers. This is a distinct channel amidst all. This channel has dragged many engineers towards itself as the videos resemble very impressive.

  • Subscribers: 1,678,580
  • Amount of videos: 2,689
  • Views: 345,078,877

8. TechSmartt

TechSmartt Youtube

Keaton Keller’s youtube channel techSmartt is a sum-up of tech and entertainment. Channel covers a lesser of hacks and tips which heightens your experience and also attracts product reviews. Hacks and tips could help you earn experience in apps and additional devices.

  • Subscribers: 3,515,374
  • Amount of videos: 1,062
  • Views: 585,893,639

9. The Verge

The Verge Youtube

This channel is overseen by a team of journalism. No! don’t grieve this is a tech channel. They probably are eternally the first ones to update you guys on every gadget including PC, Tablets, and even smartphones. We follow them for their best updates on social networks and apps.

  • Subscribers: 2,660,186
  • Amount of videos: 3,762
  • Views: 704,021,294

10. UrAvgConsumer

UrAvgConsumer Youtube

UrAvgConsumer has accomplished popularity in a more inferior time. They review items such as phones, computers, and other electronic devices. This channel also includes VideoGames for reviewing. They share everything concerning the gadget to make the attendees cognizant of all the functionalities of the device.

  • Subscribers: 2,471,022
  • Amount of videos: 770
  • Views: 284,152,615


The aforementioned are our reviews about the best tech news YouTube channels.

There are numerous more channels for you but the once listed above could unblock all your queries and all your inquisitiveness concerning tech. We would be very pleased if you comment on your favorite YouTuber. We would be jovial if you write regarding your own list!

Which is the best tech channel on YouTube?

The best technical channel on YouTube is Unbox Therapy.

Who is the biggest tech YouTuber?

Marques Brownlee is the biggest technical Youtuber.

Which is the No. 1 YouTube channel?

T-Series is the No. 1 YouTube channel.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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