10 Best Telegram Alternatives [Updated List For This Year]

Best Telegram Alternatives

Here’s the list of best Telegram alternatives.

Telegram was launched in the year 2013 and to date, it has remained one of the favorite messaging apps for numerous users. With regular updates, it has gone closer to the heart of everyone. Even if you ask us, we also love to chat on Telegram. Telegram is full of great features like stickers, dark mode, customized background, secret chats, channels, groups chatbots, files that can be kept as saved messages, the ability to send larger files, and whatnot.

But, the competition of Telegram in the market has grown to another level. There are many good alternatives to Telegram that have already been used in the market. If you are curious to know what are the best Telegram alternatives, keep reading the article.

List Of Best Telegram Alternatives

Here are the 10 best Telegram alternatives.

1. Signal

Signal - Best Telegram Alternatives

Remember the hype when people got to know about the WhatsApp privacy policy update that made Signal tops App Store and Google Play Charts. Signal is one of the best applications for messaging as it cares more about the security and privacy of its users.

The main feature of this application is that the sent messages get deleted automatically after some time. So, it is very simple that no one will have the chance of keeping and using it for any other purpose. It is free to use and just like other messaging apps, this can be used to send texts, open a group, do video and audio calls too.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp - Best Telegram Alternatives

Almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp, which seems like it is the only messaging app but it’s not true. There are many applications but people have adopted it like anything. The funniest part is that the teens use this app all day long, and parents also use it to forward good morning texts and images to their acquaintances.

Jokes apart, WhatsApp has been a stable platform to be used by all, from personal use to professional use, and till date, WhatsApp has been the best Telegram alternatives.

Additionally, this application has a feature of Broadcast that helps you to broadcast your message to all the contacts at a time, but you have to add them to your broadcast list.

One major flaw of WhatsApp is that you cannot do a video call with more than four people at a time. So, if you have a larger group of friends, you will find it difficult.

3. Viber

Viber - Best Telegram Alternatives

With the ability to text, do voice and video calls, sending GIFs and stickers to people, Viber has grown to be one of the best Telegram alternatives. You can easily chat one-to-one or make a group with participants of up to 250 members. Viber has around 260 million users who are active on the app in a month.

An added advantage is that you can do video calls with up to five participants. A user can also delete texts if he or she feels like the text has been sent by mistake. Here, ads are also displayed accordingly. The most important feature to be highlighted is that you can call any person who is not on Viber, but yes, a certain charge you have to pay for that. Viber is also one of the best WhatsApp alternatives.

4. Messenger

Messenger - Best Telegram Alternatives

This app was launched long back by Facebook. But still, the market of Messenger was great indeed. It is something to boast about because people do use it till date. Whether chatting individually or in groups, Messenger is there to do that. Along with that, Messenger also facilitates high-quality video and voice calls.

While chatting, you can even send GIFs, emojis, stickers, and many such things to make it more interesting and exciting. Messenger is one of the best Telegram alternatives. It has a chat head feature that will help you to keep a check on your active conversations. You can even add multiple accounts, play games, have secret conversations, and many more.

Guess the best part of it! In April 2020 we have got Messenger Rooms which allows up to fifty people in a video call. Now you can have a great chit-chat with a bigger group of friends.

5. Skype

Skype - Best Telegram Alternatives

Till now, Skype has been known mostly for video calls. What’s more? With the latest update of Skype, you can now send texts, files, images and do voice calls too. Well, Skype has turned itself into one of the best Telegram alternatives. All you have to do is register yourself on Skype and have a Skype ID. Then what? Screen share among fifty people and keep on continuing with your office calls.

But remember that you cannot dial the emergency number from anywhere in the world. This has not been made possible to be used till date. Skype added a new feature of blur background that will help if you are sitting in a messy room.

6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts - Best Telegram Alternatives

This is again another platform used for video calls that have been developed by Google. You can chat with numerous people individually but have the limitation of adding only ten people in a video conference. But the greatest advantage of this app is that you can create a group chat with up to 150 people and this thing matters a lot.

7. Line

Line - Best Telegram Alternatives

This is a simple app that can be easily used for voice and video calls, and for sending texts across the users with emojis, stickers, etc. The features are similar to all the apps that have been mentioned above. But here, you can continue with international calls too.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat - Best Telegram Alternatives

Snapchat has been mostly used for clicking snaps with various fun-filled filters and sending across people. You can easily initiate a conversation with your friends and have the feature to put pictures in a story too. Worried about online privacy? Well, Snapchat is here to solve that.

You can delete any conversation whenever you want to, and it doesn’t matter even if the recipient has read those messages or not. Moreover, you will always be notified whenever someone takes a screenshot. So, use Snapchat and chill!

9. Mattermost

Mattermost - Best Telegram Alternatives

This app is again one of the best Telegram alternatives that you can have on your list. It is usually termed as the open-source alternative for Telegram. Mattermost app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. You can work with a team on Mattermost and this app is simply chill when it comes to data privacy.

10. Threema

Threema - Best Telegram Alternatives

Threema is somehow similar to using Whatsapp on your Android device. It can sync your contacts on the app just like Whatsapp does. So that you can stay in touch with your close ones if you are having their phone numbers saved.

You can send texts, images, locations, etc. with the help of Threema. They have a different kind of privacy policy so that no one else other than the sender and the receiver will be able to read their conversations.


When you are into choosing a messaging platform, you are bound to look at its features carefully and use the best out of it. Since we have listed numerous best Telegram alternatives, a user is required to do a bit of research aligning to their needs.

Which app is better than telegram?

Signal is better than Telegram when it comes to privacy.

Which is the safest messaging app?

Signal is the safest messaging application.

Which one is better WhatsApp or Telegram?

WhatsApp is better as it uses end-to-end encryption everywhere whereas Telegram uses end-to-end encryption only for secret chats.