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10 Best Thermal Printers For Shipping Labels [Top Picks]

Best Thermal Printers For Shipping Labels

A list of the best thermal printers for shipping labels is being mentioned and discussed briefly. These printers are an obvious bucket list item for business owners. Especially in small businesses, printing shipping labels are made easy with these products.

List Of Best Thermal Printers For Shipping Labels

We’ve shortlisted products for the category ‘best thermal printers for shipping labels’. We’ve done the listing while considering the following points.


The most important criterion for selecting a good printer is its speed. A printer should be fast while printing the labels because you don’t want to delay your service to the customers. Taking this into consideration, we’ve chosen these products and some of these can print around 93-95 labels per minute.

Label size

Not only for business, but you can also use these printers for your personal uses too. If you want to print shipping labels, you can go for a one-size printer. Otherwise, you can opt for printing barcode labels which you can use for sticking on files or for some other purposes.

Print color

Most of the shipping labels are seen to be black and white. But if you want to add color on tags, logos, etc you can go for a color printer. Yes, you can also print tags and logo stickers for your products.


These printers can easily be connected via WiFi and USB.

So, these are the products we’ve selected based on the mentioned criteria.

1. ROLLO Label Printer

ROLLO Label Printer

This printer is compatible with almost every major shipping platform like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc. It is basically a monochrome printer that can be easily controlled with PCs and Macs. The prints are 1.57- 4.1 inches wide and there’s no restriction on the height.

Connectivity: WiFi, USB

2. Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-800 Label Printer

This product is probably the best and worths the cost. This Brother QL-800 printer allows users to print labels in different sizes and you can operate the printer with your PC, Mac, or your mobile phone. The production speed is 93 labels per minute. The prints come out of high quality and in two colors – black and red.

Barcodes, addresses, and other details can be printed with it and this printer can even print banners up to 3 feet long.

Connectivity: USB

3. Nemonic Label & Sticky Notes Printer

Nemonic Label & Sticky Notes Printer

This printer is a little extraordinary as it can print white and clear labels which are water-resistant too. All PCs, smartphones are compatible with this printer. This product is a perfect one for small businesses because you might need to print customized stickers for the orders. With this printer, you can easily print stickers and labels as per your need.

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

4. BESTEASY Label Printer

BESTEASY Label Printer

This thermal printer comes with a video tutorial for the users regarding the installation, setup guide, and user manual. BESTEASY printers don’t have any restriction on the label heights but the width is 1.57-4.1 inches. All PCs and Macs can be paired with this product. It is claimed to be high speed and high-quality printer with a reasonable price tag.

Connectivity: USB

5. DYMO 1755120 Labelwriter 4XL

DYMO 1755120 Labelwriter 4XL

This printer produces 4 inches wide high-quality labels in black and grey color. It is ‘highly customizable’ because it comes with around 60 different templates. The ability to import text and graphics are another addition to the list of its features.

The production speed is up to 129 high capacity four-line address labels in a minute and up to 53 standard four-line address labels in a minute.

Connectivity: USB

6. Phonemo M110 Bluetooth Label Maker

Phonemo M110 Bluetooth Label Maker

This printer is one of the best thermal printers for shipping labels available out there. It can get connected easily to mobile phones and users can edit and customize the labels accordingly. The printing range is up to 33 feet and the connection is also superfast.

Connectivity: Bluetooth

7. Brother VC-500W Color Label And Photo Printer

Brother VC-500W

This printer is best not only for business purposes but also for personal use. It uses ZINK or Zero Ink technology to print. PCs and Macs are supported to work with this printer. Brother VC-500W also supports 10,000+ apps to work with itself.

Connectivity: WiFi

8. Arkscan 2054A Ethernet/LAN Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan 2054A

This product comes with a relatively low running cost despite having a lot of extraordinary features. The Arkscan printer features a large selection of templates for label designs so you get to choose from a large collection.

The connectivity feature is also extremely admirable. Even smartphones and tablets can be connected to this printer while working. Not only shipping labels; file or folder labels, signs, content tags can also be printed with this printer.

Connectivity: Ethernet, LAN, USB

9. Micmi Shipping Label Printer

Micmi Shipping Label Printer

This printer is claimed to be multifunctional. It can print shipping labels, barcodes, other forms of labels, and even mass mailing. The print size has a good variety. At least 2-5 inches can be printed per second with this printer. PCs and Macs are compatible with the Micmi printer, though iOS or Android are not supported.

Connectivity: USB

10. Brady BMP41 Printer

Brady BMP41 Printer

This printer comes with an industrial-strength labeling system which helps to create multiline labels. The wires, circuits, panels, and other industrial items can be clearly identified from the prints. It contains a keyboard that contains the alphabet letters, numbers (0-9), and a backlit LCD. The print quality of this printer is also good.

Connectivity: USB


So, these are the shortlisted products that have been considered as the best thermal printers for shipping labels. Hope this article helps you to find a product fit for your need.

Which brand of a thermal printer is best?

HP’s thermal printers are the best printers to look for.

Can you use a thermal printer for shipping labels?

Yes, you can use a thermal printer for shipping labels.

Which is the best thermal printer?

Brother QL-1100 is the best thermal printer.

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