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8 Best Thriller Films On Netflix [Top Picks]

Best Thriller Films On Netflix

A solid thriller movie will have you at the edge of the seat, your attention glued to the screen, will penetrate deep into your mind, and keep you thinking about the film for a long time. Netflix has an extensive catalog of thriller titles that one must not miss. Now, if you are searching for some good jolting movies for you on Netflix, we have listed some top thrillers that you should definitely watch.

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List Of Best Thriller Films On Netflix

Below are the best thriller films on Netflix.

1. Level 16

Level 16 is a story about teenagers in The Vestalis Academy; an institution where they are taught the supposedly feminine virtues; respect, cleanliness, patience, and a sense of humility. The girls start to suspect that something more sinister lies at the other end of their graduation as they near the end of their studies. Inexpensively tense, with a sprinkling of terror and sci-fi, it is the hallmarks of a dystopian thriller. The fans of dramas like The Handmaid’s Tale will enjoy this intelligent, smooth indie-fantasy thriller.

2. Shutter Island

One of the most beloved thriller films by Leonardo DiCaprio out there is now streaming on Netflix. Martin Scorsese adapts Dennis Lehane’s novel into this mind-bending film from 2010. DiCaprio plays Teddy Daniels, a U.S. Marshal who visits the island home to patients requiring specialist mental health care. As Teddy and his friend Chuck (Mark Ruffalo) search for the missing patient, they become suspicious of a deeper dark truth about the island. The director puts dark and threatening visuals of a storm and creates constant tension throughout the entirety of the movie leading to a shocking conclusion.

3. Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler and thriller, it doesn’t go together at all, but Sandler put his comedy skills to the side to portray New York City jeweler, Howard Ratner in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems.”. With debts that he cannot afford, Howard sets out to find a rare black opal to pay for the cost of his addiction to gambling. The adventure is both arousing and intriguing. It reveals Sandler’s unexpected, more serious aspect as he travels.

4. Cam

Madeline Brewer plays Alice in this Netflix Original, which tells the story of a webcam model determined to build a successful career. When a Doppelganger appears on her webcam and begins broadcasting in her absence, Alice begins to fear for her security. Incredibly intense and incredibly feminine, Cam is the ideal movie for you if you want something more like a horror film.

5. Apostle

The horror-thriller by director Gareth Evans switches his attention from awe-inspiring action to the stomach-churning tension. Dan Stevens plays the role of a man who takes on an unnamed cult in the countryside that has held his sister captive and uncovers shocking facts that lie beneath the fake utopian facade. The film turns from suspense into complete carnage.

6. Nocturnal Animal

If you are looking for a snarky thriller with an amazing cast, a tense plot, and a stunning aesthetic, look at Nocturnal Animals. It’s the second film directed by Tom Ford after the critically highly acclaimed A Single Man. The story revolves around a gallery owner Susan (Amy Adams); as she reads a novel that was written by her husband (Jake Gyllenhaal). While she reads the novel; it slowly starts to unfold on the screen; and you are forced to make connections between the fictitious story and the real-life of Susan.

7. Gerald’s Game

A woman is left handcuffed to her bed in an isolated cabin; after her husband’s death due to a heart attack during an affair. Naturally; the story was thought to be unfilmable. However, Mike Flanagan’s beautiful, frightening 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel proved the critics wrong with a touching and terrifying film that remained faithful to King’s story in every possible way. For those who are afraid of ghouls, beware! In the end, Gerald’s Game is a beautiful film about the struggle to overcome trauma but also a brutal film about survival.

8. Piercing

Piercing is an adaptation of Ryu Murakami’s novel; the writer-director Nicholas Pesce pays great respect to it through his film. Reed (Christopher Abbot) is a homicidal family man who needs an outlet to vent his anger. He decides to target an aspiring prostitute, not for sexual intimacy but for murder. He didn’t anticipate Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), who is just as clever, sadistic, and cruel as Reed. When they meet, Reed’s plan to kill her crumbles in front of his very eyes and a thrilling play of cat and mouse ensues.


Netflix is full of nail-biting thrillers, but now you do not have to waste time finding great films. Just pick any film from the above-mentioned list and start your adrenalin-fueled marathon.

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