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How To Block Someone On Paytm Messages? [Guide]

How To Block Someone On Paytm

Paytm is an online platform through which you can transfer money into another person or vendor’s account. It has become one of the highly convenient ways of paying without carrying any hard cash. There are many features that are regularly being updated by the Paytm team like you can add as many beneficiaries as required and also if required, you can also block someone on Paytm.

There can be various reasons why you would need to block a beneficiary; for example, the concerned person is a fraud, or he/she messaging you again and again without any reason.

Blocking someone on Paytm is one of the unique features that are available in the app. By using this feature, you can get rid of unwanted spams and contacts. Following are the procedures that need to be followed to block someone on Paytm.

Steps to Block Someone On Paytm

  • Launch the Paytm app on your device, and log in to it, at the top-end right corner, there is a “Message icon“, tap on it.
Paytm Home
  • A next interface will open, where on the top, there will be shown four options; one of the options is the “Chat icon” option, tap on it.
Paytm Chat
  • Once the chat option is selected, search the contact that you wish to block by scrolling down.
  • On tapping the contact, the chatbox of the contact will appear on the screen.
  • Tap on the name of the contact; another screen will appear showing two options mute and block.
Paytm Person Chatbox
  • Select the block option.
Paytm Block Person

By following the above procedure, you can block someone on Paytm. After blocking the person, he/she will not be able to send messages to you, but the person will be able to send money to your account or vice-versa. Also, blocking someone in Paytm is not a permanent feature; if you wish, you can unblock the person whenever you would like to.

Can you block someone on Paytm?

Yes, it is easy to block someone on Paytm.

Can I hide my transaction history in Paytm?

No, you can’t hide transaction history in Paytm.

Does Paytm show my name when I send money?

No, it will not show your name on Paytm Passbook. It only shows the first two and last four digits of the sender’s mobile number.

By Vishal

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