Character AI Not Working? [How To Fix]

Character AI Not Working

Is character AI not working or loading? Here is a simple guide on ways to fix them!

Basically, Character AI is a website that uses AI to create and manage images that users can communicate with. Users can have more one-on-one talks with these characters because they can get programmed with their traits, speech patterns, and habits.

There can be various reasons for character AI not working! First, the current version of Character AI is still in beta testing. Due to possible technical issues, it is officially down for maintenance. Second, millions of people all over the world use character AI simultaneously.

Therefore, Character AI’s server may be at full capacity. You will be in a queue until there is space on the server for more users. If Character AI isn’t working for you, it could be because of your VPN or a bad connection.

So whatever the reason is, there are ways to solve the issue of Character AI not working. Let us begin!

7 Ways to Fix Character AI not working

If you are facing an issue that Character AI not working, then you should try the various ways listed below with step-by-step tutorials.

1. Use VPN Service

You might not be able to use Character AI because of area limits. Also, you cannot use the app sometimes in certain areas because the servers are too busy. In this case, the problem can get fixed by using a VPN service. Do these things if you have an issue that the character AI not working:

  • Get a VPN app and put it on your computer. You can use trusted services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, etc.
  • Once you’re done, open the VPN app and join a fast server. For example, you could connect to a computer in London or Luxembourg City.
  • After you connect to the VPN server, open your computer and go to the Character AI.
  • Now log in to your account and check to see if it works.

All done. If the robot works fine now, it is likely because of area limits. Until the problem gets fixed, you’ll have to use a VPN app to talk to the robot.

2. Clear the Browser’s Cache

If you clear the browser’s cache, all the temporary and other junk files will disappear. In addition, it will make the computer load faster and easier to load the sites. Here are the steps to clear the browser’s history.

The steps are pretty much the same for all of the major browsers.

  • Start Google Chrome.
  • Press Ctrl, Shift, and Delete. The window box to clear browser records will show up.
  • Change the time range to “Always“.
  • Next, click the box next to Cached pictures and files.
  • Next, check the box that says Cookies & Other Site Data.
  • Click on Clear Data to move forward with the cache update.

After completing the steps, open your browser again and sign in to Character AI.

3. Close the browser and open it again.

Sometimes, it could be a random bug in your Browser. For example, the character AI not working problem should disappear if you close and reopen the Browser.

  • Open the Task Manager.
  • Find the software you are using under the Processes tab and click on it.
  • Once you choose the browser app, right-click on it and choose End job.
  • Now, open the Browser and start using Character AI.

4. Disable Browser Extensions

If a browser add-on or plug-in keeps the Character AI app from working right, you can try turning it off to fix the problem. Different browsers will have different steps for how to fix the issue of character AI not working. The steps below are for Google browser users. Do these things:

  • Open the browser and click on the three dots in the top right part of the screen.
  • Click “More Tools” from the menu and then “Extensions“.
  • Now, turn off each extension one at a time by turning its off switch.
  • Once you’ve turned them all off, go to Character AI and sign in to your account.
  • Check to see if the robot works well.

If it does, you can try turning on the browser extension one by one until the problem happens again. When it does, check to see which one you turned on last. Finally, You have found the conflicting extension.

5. Update the Browser

Always use the latest version of the software you use. There may be bugs in the previous version of the software. To fix the character AI not working problem, you should try downloading a new web app version.

  • Start the web browser.
  • Type Chrome://settings in the URL bar and press Enter.
  • Click About Chrome on the left-hand side.
  • If your PC has the proper internet connection and a new version of Chrome is ready to install, it will do so immediately.
  • Once the new build gets loaded, Restart Chrome and go to the Character AI page.

The steps are pretty much the same for other browsers, like Edge.

6. Look to see if Character AI is down.

If none of the above steps fixed your Character’s AI problem, the problem is on the server and not with you. When so many people use a website then the server that hosts it can’t keep up, and the website goes down. Not only does the website owner shut down the server when there is a lot of traffic, but they also do this for website maintenance. So, in these situations, you can use a website downtime watch to find out if the website server is down or not.

Here are some things you can do to find out if Character.AI is down.

  • First, open any web browser and look for “down for everyone or just me“.
  • Now, in the field where it says “Enter the website“, type
  • Now, you must wait until the website tells you if Character AI is down or not.

7. Contact the Support Team

You can reach support for Character AI in two ways. First, the Character AI website features a comprehensive help system. The second option is to send an email to [email protected] simply stating character AI not working. Include specifics about your problem if it pertains to using Character AI. The help desk staff will contact you as soon as possible.


After OpenAI’s ChatGPT went popular, Character AI is the next big thing. Because of how popular it is getting, the online app is having trouble like character AI not working, so people can’t use it. You can try these things to fix the problem. But if the service is down, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Once your problem gets resolved, you can talk to your favorite robot on the app again.