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How To Use ChatGPT On Apple Watch? [Guide]

Use ChatGPT On Apple Watch

If you wear an Apple watch then let us tell you that you can use ChatGPT on Apple Watch. It’s very easy and in order to know how you can get access to it, read the entire article.

The concept of artificial intelligence is not new now but this does not mean that it has long gone from the market. Every new invention revolves around this concept of artificial intelligence. With the introduction of AI chatbots in the market, this concept is being taken to an entirely new level. Slowly and steadily chatbots are being spread to many new platforms so we can clearly say that the hype isn’t going away soon.

Ever since the chatbot developer API has become public, experiences and apps are being created by numerous devs. The technical evolution has come to a point where these complicated AI chatbots can be easily accessed by everyone from their wrists!

Let’s start without any further delay!

How to set up and use ChatGPT on Apple Watch?

For integrating ChatGPT on Apple Watch, we’ll be using an app that has recently been introduced in the market. This app is called “WatchGPT”. The drawback of this app is that it is a paid one and if you’re willing to pay for it then only you can follow the below-mentioned steps to use ChatGPT on Apple Watch.

  • To start, go to the App Store and download the WatchGPT app. It costs Rs 349 or $3.99 to buy this app. Once done, you can see that this app has now automatically been installed on your Apple Watch. Now you can put your phone aside and move on to your Apple Watch for the next step.
  • By tapping on the crown, you need to go to the Apple Watch’s app list. Look for the WatchGPT app by scrolling down and once you find it, tap on it to open it.
Tap On WatchGPT App
  • ChatGPTs mascot will now appear. Type down your question in the “Ask me anything” box. The app will now start thinking once the “Done” button is tapped.
Tap On Ask Me Anything
  • The answer will now appear on the screen, you can scroll down to read the entire answer. Viola! You’ve now got ChatGPT on Apple Watch.
  • Now you can tap on the Share option if you wish to share the answer that you have received. The answer that you have received from your ChatGPT can be shared through iMessage or mail. It can be very useful particularly in situations when you do not have access to your phone or laptop and need to do a quick search for a question.
Tap On Share
  • Short testing was done of this app and the conclusion was that it is extremely quick and precise. The app can not only just answer your questions but also can write essays, and give recipes and jokes. It even can solve mathematical problems. However, it’s not absolutely perfect as it can throw an error message if it is asked for long answers. This shows the possibility of an unknown word limit. The developer though plans to modify the app soon and bring the ability to insert your API keys and many more features.

How to add WatchGPT as a complication?

Searching every time for the WatchGPT app from your list of apps on your Apple watch can be very stressful. But thankfully, there’s a way to make WatchGPT a complication on your Apple Watch for your immediate use. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so.

  • Hold on to the watch face for a few seconds on your home screen for it to go into editing mode. Once it goes into editing mode, you can now tap on edit to start.
Tap On Edit
  • To get to the complications tab, keep swiping to the left till you find it. Tap on one of the complications that you now want to replace.
Tap On Bottom Right
  • Once you follow the above step properly, the available complications will be visible to you. Scroll down till you find the WatchGPT one and then tap on it.
Tap On WatchGPT Icon
  • Once you have completed the above steps, you can tap anywhere or just tap on the crown to navigate to the watch face.
Tap On The Crown

Done! Now you have ChatGPT on Apple Watch home screen. You can now have a quick chat just by tapping on it.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.