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How To Check Storage Space On Chromebook? [Guide]

Check Storage Space On Chromebook

The Chromebook might appear to be a simple app used for opening up various web pages and check out any information you want. But have you ever thought about how much space it takes up? Do you have any idea about how much space those tabs continue to take up regularly which you had opened long back and do not even care to close? Yes, those tabs that you have opened consume some space of your device and remember that it is not negligible. It takes up a considerable amount of space. So, in this article, some steps have been mentioned so that you can check storage space on Chromebook.

Steps To Check Storage Space On Chromebook

  • The easiest way to check how much storage space is there on Chromebook is by opening Chrome and clicking on the Three dots at the top-right corner. A drop-down menu will appear, where you will see the amount of space is mentioned which Chrome has saved to date.
Tap On Three Dots - Storage Space
  • The next way is to check it from the Files option, in case it is installed on your Chromebook. From the Chrome page, click on the Three dots and go to Downloads. From there, you will find another Three dots at the top right corner of the age. As soon as you click on that, a drop-down menu will appear, where the available space will be mentioned at the very bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • The third method to check storage space on Chromebook is by simply typing ‘chrome://quota-internals’ on the address bar of any chrome page and press the Enter key. As soon as you do that, a new page will open up with all the details of your space available and used space of your Chromebook. It will also display some other information that is not relevant to checking storage space on Chromebook.
Check On Chrome - Storage Space
  • Another simple way to check storage space is to go to the Settings option from the Three dots on the top right corner of the chrome page. On the address bar, type Storage and click on enter. This would take you to a Storage Management page where you can check all the necessary details. In case that you are not getting this page, do check your chrome browser settings for once.
  • The last step to perform this task is by installing an app named Cog. after installing the app, scroll down and go to the External Storage section. There you will find the required information.


So, above were the steps to check storage space on Chromebook. Try out the one that appears to be the most convenient for you. If any problems persist while doing any of the steps, jump on to the next. There are differences in the settings of every device which might not allow one to perform every task with ease. In such a situation, the settings need to be tallied with some other device.

Does Chromebook have internal storage?

Yes, Chromebooks have internal storage and cloud storage.

Why are Chromebooks so bad?

Because of their weak processing power they are not good at performance.

Are Chromebooks safe for online banking?

Yes, they are safe and secure for online banking.

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