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Commute Air Pro 18: A Backpack That Turns Into An Airbag During A Crash

Commute Air Pro 18

Commute Air Pro 18 is a regular-looking backpack, created by the USA-based company EVOC Sports. But it’s not just a simple backpack. It has been specially designed for cyclists to provide them protection while a crash.

A major crash can cause several injuries. Some of the most serious injuries include body parts like the shoulders, chest, and head. So, mainly the upper part of the body needs to get more attention. That’s the reason why EVOC Sports has come up with this backpack with an airbag.

Commute Air Pro 18 Specifications

As per the company’s claim, the Commute Air Pro 18 automatically turns into an Airbag during a crash. And this transformation takes less than a second.

This backpack usually looks and works as a regular backpack, but it comes with embedded motion sensors. Whenever the user equips the backpack on their shoulders, they need to close the chest strap too. And that very moment the sensors get activated. While riding, every motion activity gets monitored around 1100 times/second.

The moment an extreme motion gets detected by the sensor which might cause a collision or any major crash, the airbag gets activated. It takes 0.2 seconds for the 18-liter inflated airbag to get deployed. After the deployment it wraps around the upper part of the rider’s body, thus protecting the shoulders, hands, neck, and chest.

The company has claimed that this airbag reduces the impact forces and braking acceleration on the rider by up to 80%. The best thing about this product is that it is reusable. This means the airbag remains in one piece even after getting deployed once. It can be repacked inside the backpack and the users can replace the igniter cartridge.

Other Features

Apart from this safety measure, the Commute Air Pro 18 also provides sufficient storage space, which a regular backpack does. You can easily take your laptop, mobile, charger, AirPods, glasses, and other essential stuff in it to carry with you. This backpack comes with several compact pockets that provide enough space. This product also includes a hip strap attached at the bottom which helps to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly across the rider’s body.

Commute Air Pro 18 will be available in the market from Spring 2022. The estimated price of this product is €900, which is quite a large amount. But when it comes to your safety and well-being, it is a pretty reasonable investment to make.

By Vishal

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