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How To Connect AirPods To PS4? [Detailed Guide]

Connect AirPods To PS4

Today, we will talk about how to connect AirPods to PS4. This article will contain everything regarding this matter, even the accessories that you might need or features that are not supported. All models of AirPods can be connected with these simple steps. So, you don’t need to worry if you have first-gen AirPods, the ones with wireless charging cases or the AirPods Pro.

Things you need to connect AirPods to PS4

There are a few things that you will need to connect AirPods to PS4. The first thing you need to know is that Bluetooth audio isn’t supported on the PS4 out of the box. This means you need to buy accessories to connect your AirPods to the PS4. Though PS4 can detect if you try to connect without an adapter, after all of the pairing steps, it will simply fail to connect. Which is definitely annoying.

But there’s a way to make it possible. And for that, you need to get yourself a pair of AirPods and a PS4 Bluetooth adapter. Any Bluetooth adapter, that supports Bluetooth audio can be plugged into the gaming console with a USB or the headphone jack.

Steps To Connect AirPods To PS4

Now, let’s talk about how to do this. You need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First thing first, get your AirPods charged. If your Bluetooth adapter uses a battery, then also make sure the battery power is working properly.
  • Now, connect the Bluetooth adapter to the PS4.
  • Check the instructions that had come with the adapter, so you can put it into pairing mode perfectly.
  • Then, press and hold the syncing button of your AirPods while those are still in the charging case.
  • Now, keep the button pressed until the blink of the lights on the adapter stops. When the blinking stops, your AirPods get paired with the adapter.
  • Check if your PS4 is being sent to the AirPods. For this go to Settings on your PS4 and then go to Devices > Audio Devices.
PS4 Bluetooth Option

Now, you need to change two major settings.

  • Output Device: Change the settings to ‘Headphones Connected to Controller‘ or the menu that suits the adapter.
  • Output to Headphones: Change the settings to ‘All Audio‘. You can adjust the volume of the audio sent from your PS4 to the AirPods in the ‘Volume Control‘ (for headphones) menu.
Output To Headphones
  • After you’ve done all these, the sound from your PS4 can be heard on the AirPods.

Chat with other gamers on PS4 via AirPods

We’ve covered every step of connecting AirPods to the PS4, but there is only one limitation. When you have your AirPods connected to your PS4, you can not chat with other gamers. The AirPods definitely come with microphones as these can also be used for phone calls. But while connected to the PS4, the mics don’t work.

The reason is, most of the Bluetooth adapters receive audio from the consoles. But the audio doesn’t get directed to the PS4 from the adapters. If you want to chat with other gamers, you need to get headphones specifically designed for use with the PS4 gaming console.

Final Words

So, that’s basically all about how to connect AirPods to PS4. Even the limitation of this has been mentioned here with the steps of doing it. Buying a headphone for your console is fine; but if hearing the audio is all you want, AirPods or other Bluetooth adapters are just fine to go with. We also wrote an article on how to connect AirPods to Windows 11, go through the article if you are looking for the same.

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Yes, you can play GTA 5 on PS4.

Which is the best gaming console?

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Which version of PS4 is best?

PS4 Pro is the best version of PS4.

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