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How To Create Clip On Twitch? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Create Clip On Twitch

Twitch allows the audience to create clip on Twitch of the streams they’re watching in addition to streaming. This is a particularly useful tool for live gaming streams. Viewers can either cut a segment of the video and publish it to help the streamer acquire more viewers or simply share a link to the clip.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a streaming site that focuses on live video game broadcasting, however, anyone can stream anything on the platform. Users can broadcast content regarding crafts, sketching, comedy, music, speeches, educational lessons, and just about anything else related to their professional or recreational lives. On Twitch, you can see anything in real-time.

Steps To Create Clip On Twitch

We’ll go over how to create clip on Twitch of your favorite streams on the mobile and desktop Twitch apps in this guide. Read on!

Twitch Clips Information

When you create clip on Twitch, you’re basically recording the last few moments of the live stream in real-time. The time span of this clip varies depending on whether you’re using the mobile or desktop app. The default duration of the recorded footage on the mobile app is 30 seconds. On the other hand, the desktop application takes 90 seconds.

When the stream is playing, the Clip button and the function to clip it are visible and available. When you pause a stream, the button is hidden.

On the desktop, the 90-second footage can be cut down to 30 seconds minimum and 60 seconds maximum. While publishing, you cannot utilize more than a minute of the footage or the complete 90-second clip. Trimming is required in this situation.

On the go, you can publish the 30-second clip directly or share a link to it without cutting it. You can trim the clip before publishing or sharing it. However, trimming is not required.

Using The Mobile App

In order to create clip on Twitch, follow the given instructions.

  • Open a Twitch stream and tap the video to reveal the Pause button. If you watch the stream in landscape mode, you can see the streamer’s details as well. Now, tap the Clip button from the top right corner of the live stream, which has a clapper board icon.
Tap On The Clip Icon
  • A Create Clip dialogue box will appear. It will take a few seconds to create the video. To edit the clip, tap on the Preview and Edit option. If your footage does not require any cutting or editing, you may share it right away by selecting the Share clip option.
Tap On Preview And Edit

You can also copy the link to your clip directly from the Create Clip menu by pressing the Copy link option. Tap the Share via Whisper option if you wish to send the footage as a private message. Whispers on Twitch are effectively direct messages (DMs).

To give your clip a title, tap the Add a title text field. For all clips, titles are required. Place the yellow slider below the clip to contain the clip you want, and tap and move it. You can also increase or decrease the width of the slider by tapping the dotted sides, which affects the length of the cut clip.

If you can’t get the slider to a specific area of the video, you can adjust the video stream to fit the clipped portion into the slider’s width. When you’re finished, go to the top right corner of the screen and press the Done button.

Tap On Done

The Edit Clip screen will appear again. If you haven’t already, give it a title. You may now also change the title. To submit your clip, tap the Publish button in the top right corner of the screen. Your video has been published. Yes! It was this easy to create clip on Twitch using the mobile app.

Tap On Publish

Using The Desktop App

  • To create clip on Twitch, open Twitch on your PC and navigate to the live stream you want to record. Now, go to the down-right corner of the stream and click the identical clapper board icon, the Clip button.
  • Your browser will be redirected. Cut your clip by dragging the blue vertical slider through the yellow scale. Place the slider over the section of the live stream that you wish to clip. To change the length (duration) of the clip, drag the dotted part on the sides of the blue slider.

After that, give your clip a title. Twitch requires clip titling, which aids the original streamer in gaining views. Furthermore, videos with relevant titles receive more views than videos with arbitrary titles. When you’re finished, click the Publish button to share your video.

Click On Publish Option

Your video will now be published. Allow a few seconds to pass. When your live stream clip is released, you’ll see information about it, including the streamer’s name, your Twitch username, and a Follow button if you wish to follow the streamer whose live stream has been clipped by you.

You can share the clip immediately from this screen in a couple of ways. To rapidly transfer the clip’s link to your clipboard, click the Link icon below the clipped video or the Copy button with a two-slide icon. You may also copy the link by clicking the More option. In any case, the generated link will take you to the video.

Click On More

Simply click the corresponding button to share the link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. To get an embedding code that you can paste into any platform, click the Embed icon.

Where Can You Find Twitch Clips?

Now that you know how you can create clip on Twitch, let’s find out how to find them. Only the desktop software allows you to access your Twitch footage. The mobile Twitch app only displays clips from your live streams, not clips from other streams that you have created. Go to the Twitch desktop app to find your clips. Make sure your accounts on both platforms are in sync so you can see your mobile clips on the desktop app.

  • In the top right corner of the screen, click the user account button. From the drop-down menu, select the Creator Dashboard option.
Click On Creator Dashboard
  • Now, select Content from the drop-down box. In the Content drop-down menu, choose Clips.
Click On Clips

You will now view all of the clips that you have solely generated. Most of the time, you’ll land on the Clips I’ve Created tab. If you don’t, just click this tab to see all of the videos you’ve made. This tab contains information such as the clip’s thumbnail image, original channel, genre, clip production data, and total views since its inception.

When you click/tap the Clip button on any device, a clip is recorded. To see a clip in your Creator Dashboard, you don’t have to publish it.

Getting Rid Of Clips

After knowing how to create clip on Twitch, you need to know how you can get rid of it. To delete all of your clips at once, go to the top right corner of the list of clips and click the Ellipsis button (three vertical icons). In the menu, choose the Delete all clips I’ve created option.

Click On Delete All Clips

To delete clips one by one, select the square radio button next to the one you wish to remove, then click the Delete Selected button above the list.

Select The Clip

You can also click on a specific clip to see its information and delete it from this page. To delete an individual clip, click the Delete button (trashcan icon) in the top left corner of the clip’s information. You can also update or edit the title of the clip here.

The Share button is the trashcan icon with an outward arrow icon next to it. To open your sharing choices and share the footage further, click this button. You can watch the clip on the Clips page by pressing the next button with a pop-out icon.

Final Words

The process to create clip on Twitch is simple once you get the hang of it. Clips can be created on both the mobile and desktop apps, but only the latter can be viewed. You can record a clip on your creator dashboard by simply clicking or touching the Clip button on any device. We hope you found our information helpful.

Can you see clips you clipped on Twitch?

Yes, you can see clips you clipped on Twitch.

Can I save Twitch clips to my phone?

Yes, you can save Twitch clips to your phone.

Do clips stay on Twitch?

Yes, the clips you saved stay on Twitch.

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