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How To Deactivate Paytm Postpaid Account? [Guide]

How To Deactivate Paytm Postpaid

One of the online payment platforms in India is Paytm, which is being regularly used by the customers and merchants alike. It frees the customer from carrying exact change in hard cash and allows merchants to give exact change in hard cash since all transactions are done digitally.

Paytm has also provided the Paytm postpaid account feature; which opens a credit limit for the customers so that they can shop and avail of the service and make the payment a month afterward. But customers might wish to deactivate Paytm postpaid account since they don’t require or for any other reason.

Since many of them don’t know how to deactivate Paytm postpaid account, we will explain the procedure below; And also under what conditions you will not be able to deactivate the account.

Steps to Deactivate Paytm Postpaid Account

  • Launch Paytm app on your device, on the home screen of the app, top left-hand corner, there will be your profile icon, click on it.
Paytm Profile Icon
  • A drop down will appear, which will show an option of “Help & Support 24×7 Customer Support“, tap on it.
Paytm Help Section
  • A new interface will open with many options, as you scroll down you’ll see an option “Contact 24×7 Help” at the bottom, Tap on it.
  • Now, you’ll be able to see different “customer care numbers” and “message us” options.
  • Call on the number mentioned under the “Bank, Wallet & Payments” section.
  • Tell them that you want to deactivate your Paytm postpaid account and tell them the reason for the same.

By following the above procedure; you can deactivate Paytm postpaid but ensure all your pending dues are paid or else your account will not be deactivated. Whenever you wish you can easily reactivate your postpaid account in Paytm there will be no restriction.

If you have any queries in your mind, then you can contact us via our comment section or via our social media accounts.

How can I deactivate my Paytm Postpaid account?

To deactivate a Paytm postpaid account, open Paytm, then tap on three lines at the top left corner of the screen, then tap on 24×7 Help, then click on Profile Settings, and then tap on I want to close/delete my account.

How can I deactivate my Paytm debit card?

To deactivate the Paytm debit card, open Paytm, then go to Profile, then tap on Payment Methods, then tap the Trash icon, and tap on Remove Card.

Is Paytm better or Google pay?

Paytm is better than Google Pay because it allows users to pay their bills via credit card.

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