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How To Disable Sensitive Content Filter On Instagram?

Disable Sensitive Content Filter On Instagram

You can disable sensitive content filter on Instagram if you are over 18. However, this is not applicable if you are underage. Do you find that you no longer see posts by your favorite artist on Instagram?

The vast number of users who regularly post original photos and videos to Instagram is one of the platform’s greatest strengths. The problem is that not all of them make the kind that is pleasant for everyone. Instagram’s July 2021 update returned responsibility for content moderation to individual users. Instagram announced it would begin removing sensitive content for most users.

Learn more about the new filter and how to disable sensitive content filter on Instagram for your account below.

Instagram’s Definition of “Sensitive Content”

Instagram’s community guidelines already prohibit hate speech, bullying, and posts. These posts include those that directly threaten users. There is still an effort to make Instagram safer for most users, though the degree to which this has been implemented is still up for debate.

The filter allows users to set their preferences. It does it without completely blocking content that may upset younger viewers or those with more sensitive sensibilities.

Instagram does not restrict all potentially upsetting material. But you can use disable sensitive content filter on Instagram for your help. Importantly, the Sensitive Content Filter only applies to the Explore page and does not affect your feed.

As per Instagram’s standard algorithm, you will see any sensitive content posted by accounts you follow. However, by following the steps below you can disable sensitive content filter on Instagram.

Steps To Disable Sensitive Content Filter On Instagram

Instagram is taking steps to restrict sensitive content, which some users have welcomed. Here’s how to change or disable sensitive content filter on Instagram so you can view the sensitive posts again.

  • First, tap on the Profile icon > More (the three horizontal lines) in the menu that appears. The Settings option will appear, select it.
Tap On The Settings Option
  • Select Account from the Settings menu.
Tap On Account
  • Now, tap on the Sensitive content control option. (The filter’s settings panel will pop up for customization. By default, the filter is set to reduce exposure to material that could cause distress. However, the restriction isn’t stringent so some content may persist.)
Tap On Sensitive Content Control
  • At last, select Allow to turn off the filter. Instagram will no longer restrict sensitive content flags, but some material may get blocked. Users who prefer a stronger level of control can select Limit Even More as their preference.
Click On Allow

Note: Users under the age of 18 will not be given the option to enable sensitive content.

What kinds of posts does Instagram classify as “sensitive content”?

Instagram identifies the following categories of content as potentially sensitive:

  • Images or videos depicting nudity or lacking clothing could be offensive.
  • Images/videos with explicit language may be offensive to some viewers. This includes profanity, hate speech, or sexual content.
  • Graphic depictions of violence, blood, or cruelty to either humans or animals may disturb some viewers.
  • Images or videos depicting drug use, paraphernalia, or other drug-related content may be offensive.
  • Images or videos depicting sexual activity are generally considered adult content and may be offensive to some viewers. This includes sexual intercourse or sex scenes.

Remember that Instagram’s algorithms aren’t perfect. Some innocuous posts could get tagged as “sensitive.” Similarly, the algorithm might miss some sensitive material accessible within the app. Therefore, it is still up to the user to disable sensitive content filter on Instagram and to make good judgments when using the app.


Instagram users who don’t want to see potentially offensive or disturbing content can use “Sensitive Content.” If you are over 18 and want to see everything, you can disable the sensitive content filter in Instagram’s settings. It only works on the Explore page, not the user’s feed.

It’s important to know that Instagram considers nudity, violence, explicit language, drug use, and sexual activity to be sensitive content. Users should always do what they think is best when using the app.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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