Discord Vs TeamSpeak – Everything You Need To Know

Discord Vs TeamSpeak

Communication while gaming is essential for implementing a strategic game plan and executing bold moves to win a battleground and multiplayer game. So, when you are in such a dilemma, you need to make a decision and there are two platforms to completely solve this problem – Discord Vs TeamSpeak.

Discord Vs TeamSpeak

In this article, we will give you a clean comparison of which one of these Apps might be a good choice for you according to your requirements and other factors, so without any further due, let’s get started and make a proper analysis to understand Discord Vs TeamSpeak.


Growing its root since August 26th, 2002, TeamSpeak has been quite a preferred platform by avid gamers and content curators having one of the most largely used VOIP. This platform was created specifically for gamers to communicate. In comparison to Discord, the platform is smaller in its size and functionality and also has fewer resources to make use of. This makes the platform faster for lower-powered systems and working operations.

Talking about the layout, the interface is well built and can be a bit tricky for users to make sense of at first. But, after you get used to it, it is definitely one of the best platforms to be in. Unlike Discord, users will have to copy the desired IP Address in order to be a part of a specific server. TeamSpeak has not been programmed to automatically bookmark a server, but on the contrary, this has to be done manually.

Furthermore, in order to host a server, users need to purchase them. This platform is not free to use. The cost will defer upon the number of members you will like to indulge.


Discord has been up and running since May 23rd, 2015, and is comparatively a newer platform to discover. Its newness did not matter as it spread its wings of success as soon as it launched. Unlike TeamSpeak, Discord supports a larger audience and has a large number of resources to choose from.

The platform sports more than 100 MB storage in its deck and also allows a large functional base. Discord comes with a powerful API and advanced system software’s which makes it better than TeamSpeak, but also, every good thing has its own cons. Discord consumes a large amount of battery and hence, that acts as a backlash for them.


In totality, in the war between Discord Vs TeamSpeak, Discord is hands down a winner. Right from the features, it has to offer to its security protocols, the application is jam-packed to offer some deadly combination of resourcefulness to gamers out there. Moreover, as compared to TeamSpeak, Discord is much easier to use and also, has a variety of things to explore. Its perks are just the tip of the iceberg.

Is there anything better than Discord?

Slack is better than Discord, in terms of integrations it offers.

Why do CSGO players use TeamSpeak?

It’s because TeamSpeak has the good audio quality and less latency over voice calls.

Why is Discord better than Skype?

Discord is more efficient than Skype, Discord only transmits data when a user is speaking but Skype constantly transmits the audio data like a phone call.