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How To Download Instagram Highlights? [Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Download Instagram Highlights

Instagram used to be a simple social media app until 2016, where you had to worry just about creating an Instagram post. But once Instagram borrowed the stories concept from Snapchat, then it became a hectic task to use the Instagram App. Also, it’s difficult to download Instagram highlights, Instagram stories, and posts too.

So with the help of this article, we gonna teach you how to download Instagram highlights.

But before that let’s first know what are Instagram highlights.

What are Instagram highlights?

Instagram Highlights are essentially the Instagram stories you choose to feature on your profile permanently.

Sharing stories in the Instagram app has become quite popular compared to the other social media platform available. Using stories on Instagram is a comparatively easy job. You can post multiple stories on your Instagram account, which will be visible for only twenty-four hours.

If you don’t add these stories to your “highlights”, you will lose your beautiful Instagram stories, which you created with a lot of hard work.

These highlights are created by you and Instagram puts them in a separate section above your post. Instagram highlights are one of the most popular features of Instagram.

That’s all about Instagram highlights…

So, now you might wish to download Instagram highlights and keep them; here, we will learn how to download your own as well as other user Instagram highlights.

Methods to download Instagram highlights

Here are some of the methods to download your own highlights on Instagram.

Method 1: Directly from highlights

To save directly to your phones, you have to follow these steps:

  • Launch Instagram App on your device, then go to the profile section. Tap on the highlight that you wish to download.
Instagram Story Highlights
  • Tap on the photo in the highlight you want to download. On the bottom-left corner, there is a “Seen by” icon, Tap on it.
Instagram Seen By Icon
  • On the next screen, there will be a download icon, tap on it, and the “highlight” will be downloaded to your phone photo gallery.
Instagram Highlight Download Button

Method 2: Using Stories Archive

The stories posted on your Instagram are automatically archived; hence you can download your highlights from the story archive section of the app.

In this section, all the posts uploaded by you are archived; hence you will have to search the photos of highlights you wish to download, which is easy since there are dates mentioned in the photo.

You have to follow these steps so you can learn how to download the Instagram highlights from the archived stories.

  • Once the Instagram app is launched on your phone, tap on the profile icon so that you can visit your profile screen.
  • Now, tap on the “Three horizontal lines” icon present at the top right corner. Now, tap on “Archive“.
Instagram Archive
  • Find out the photo in the archive that you wish to download and tap on it. A three-dot icon named “More” will appear at the bottom-right corner of the photo.
Instagram More Button
  • Now, a menu will pop up in which you will get an option to save the photo.
Instagram Save Photo

How to download Instagram stories on your PC

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do the same.

  • Visit the SaveInsta website on any of the browsers available on your PC.
  • On the home page, you will be able to type or copy-paste the username in the “Username box” whose stories you wish to download.
Storiesig website
  • The profile name of the user will appear below the text box, Tap on the Profile name.
  • On the next screen, you will be able to see the images you wish to download. There will be a download button below each photo, Tap on it.
Storiesig website Download Button
  • If you wish to download multiple photos, you can use the “Image Downloader” chrome extension, as mentioned above.

Final Words

Hope by following the above-mentioned steps you have learned how to download Instagram highlights which you wanted to save to your phone or on your PC. We also wrote an article on why is Instagram called Instagram. If you are interested in knowing this, read the article thoroughly.

How do I download Instagram highlights?

To download an Instagram highlight, open Instagram, then tap on the Profile icon on the left bottom corner of the screen, then tap on the Highlight you want to download, then swipe up and tap on the Download icon to download it.

Is there a limit to Instagram highlights?

Yes, there is a limit to a story, you can add up to 100 photos or videos but you can create as many highlights you want, there is no limit.

How long do Instagram highlights last?

The Instagram highlights live permanently on your profile until you delete them.

Can someone see if you download their picture on Instagram?

No, they can’t see or know if you download their picture on Instagram.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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