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iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Feature: Now Available On Android

Dynamic Island Feature On Android

Recently, a piece of news is all over the internet about Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Feature on Android. But first, it becomes important to understand what is Dynamic Island feature.

What Is Dynamic Island Feature?

Dynamic Island is a new creation of Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro versions i.e. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have a pill-shaped cutout on the display. With this creation, it can be resized. Due to resizing, the black area can include more and more information. Ultimately, the user is able to access multiple functions.

For instance, while using navigation/music apps, the user will be able to control it from that black area on the screen. It is a feature that blends the line between hardware and software. Due to this uniqueness, Android users are also on their way to having it on their devices.

Dynamic Island Feature On Android

An independent developer quickly noticed to use of a feature like Dynamic Island. A video clip is shared on Twitter by TecDroider’s Vaibhav Jain which depicted the Dynamic Island-like feature on Xiaomi MIUI. It can be approved by Xiaomi as it is currently under review. If it gets approval, it will be available in MIUI Themes Store.

The Twitter video depicts that the creator has hidden the punch-hole selfie camera in the corner when the island is expanded. The theme is called Grumpy UI, it is the closest thing to Dynamic Island feature on Android. The selfie camera’s hole in the screen with a black capsule holds the alerts. Audio playback controls are in the upper left corner of the screen. The disappearance of the hole is due to the black backdrop.

Mimicry of Dynamic Island Feature

Independent Android developers have attempted to mimic the Apple Dynamic Island feature on Android. It has not been independently created by Android developers but is a copy of Dynamic Island. If approved, there is a high probability that other Android Tech adopt the same. The result will be that it will be highly put on public platforms.

By Vishal

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