How To Enable Steam Family Sharing? [Simple Guide]

How To Enable Steam Family Sharing

Hello everyone! We see you are a gamer like ourselves and you would like to share your purchased games with your family and friends. This can be done if we enable Steam Family Sharing in the installed Steam app.

But how do we do it? Don’t worry, as this is the subject matter of this article. By the end of which, you will be a pro.

Note: To enable Steam Family Sharing, you have to carry out an additional step, i.e.

Firstly, Enable Steam Guard Security

It is a necessary step before we can enable family sharing and has to be carried out.

How can we do that? Let’s see!

Follow the given steps and you will be able to do it very smoothly:-

  • Tap on “Steam” in the Steam app. You will find this in the top most side of the app.
  • From the drop-down list of options, select “Settings“.
  • Next, tap on “Account“.
  • Further, click on “Manage Steam Guard Account Security“.

You will get two choices here. They are:

  • “Get Steam Guard codes from the Steam app on my phone
  • “Get Steam Guard codes by email (will require you to re-login)”

You can pick one of the two, as you see fit.

And you are done! Now, we can move on to the main topic of the day, i.e., how to enable Steam Family Sharing.

Steps to Enable Steam Family Sharing

It is really simple once you go through our steps mentioned. So, do a careful reading and you will manage it very easily. Here we go:

  • First of all, note that your account needs to be accessed once on your family’s or friends’ PC or laptop. So, either give them the password or login yourself.
  • Again, click on “Steam” in the installed Steam app.
  • Again, click on “Settings“.
  • Below “Account”, you will see the option of “Family“.
  • Somewhere in the middle of the page, you will now see the option “Authorise Library Sharing on this computer”.
  • Tap on “Ok” now and log out.
  • Login from your friend’s or family’s Steam account and now, they will be able to play the games which were originally in your library.

And that is it! You have successfully managed to enable Steam Family Sharing.


We would like to conclude by saying that it makes no sense what so ever to have your family and close friends purchase the games which you already own. So, it may be wise to share the titles with them.

To do so, you have to enable Steam Family Sharing and we have mentioned in detail in this article, on how to do so.

Stay tuned for more from us. Until then, we would like to take your leave.

Can you play multiplayer with Steam family sharing?

Yes, you can play multiplayer games with Steam family sharing with your friends, or even with your family.

How do I stop sharing a game on Steam?

To stop sharing a game on Stream, log into your Steam account, click on Steam on the top left corner of the screen, now tap on Settings, after that click on Family, then Deselect the box of that person you want to remove from the sharing feature on Steam.

Can I share my Steam games with a friend?

Yes, you can easily share Steam games with any of your friends.