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Facebook To Stop Location-Based Services Like Nearby Friends

Facebook To Stop Location Based Services

Because of low usage, Facebook decided to shut down their services that use Location based systems. Weather alerts, Nearby friends, background location, and location history are some of the services that will be removed by Meta. The features saw a gradual decline in usage from May 31st, 2022, and soon will get removed.

Meta is eyeing location tracking-based services like weather alerts and nearby friends to remove from the app. This will make the application cleaner and help users to get more privacy while using the usual features. From 31st May 2022, the services will start to depreciate, and soon by August, they will delete any data collected in the past.

So, any data about your location will get deleted from Facebook servers.

A Cleaner Facebook By Ditching Some Location-Based Services

Every feature from the location system with minimum user usage will be removed. The most obvious is nearby friends because it was not being used by anyone. The app mostly has an adult user rate who don’t use such features regularly and to make it simple these steps were necessary. Some of these location-based features have been in the Facebook app since the beginning of location technology.

So, now because they are used by small groups of the community and are becoming a privacy issue for many of us. The Meta team has decided to delete all the risks to avoid any future hassle.

Every data you shared relating to your location will also be removed from the app’s servers. If you want a copy of this location data, you can do so before it is deleted in 2022 August. You can download it and save it in a safe place.

But remember, Meta can not just shut down all their location-related systems. They will still keep some of them to offer you personalized ads and other services based on your location. You can read the user policy on their website.

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