Fix Discord Is Not Opening [Here’s The Step-By-Step Guide]

Fix Discord Is Not Opening

As we know, Discord is a popular Voice over IP app designed mainly for gamers and runs on all the popular platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, etc. But what? Your Discord is not opening? Or worse, it opens but instead of functioning properly, a grey screen engulfs the screen?

If you are unfortunately facing these issues, then, you’ve landed on the right page. Today we are presenting you with an in-depth article stating many solutions for the same.

Part of the reason for so many solutions for the same is that the developers themselves – as of the date of publishing this article – aren’t fully aware of the main issue plaguing their app. But we have stumbled on a number of users for whom various solutions are working, depending upon the system they possess.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the various solutions if your Discord is not opening.

Methods To Fix Discord is Not Opening Error

Here are some methods that will resolve the Discord is not opening error.

Method 1: Update the App

Now, now. We know it seems obvious but it has worked for a ton of people. Downloading and installing the latest version of the Discord app has helped in fixing any existing errors in coding.

So go on, update the app and tell us in the comments if it worked for you.

Method 2: Get Rid of Discord “LocalAppData”

Deleting this file seems to help many users.

So, might as well give it a try.

The steps for the same are listed below:

  • Press “Windows + R” from your keyboard together. This will launch “Run”. (Alternatively, you can search “Run” from the Start Menu”.)
  • Type in “%localappdata%” in the search box and select “OK”.
Run localAppdata
  • The next task is to find “Discord”.
  • Right-click on the file once you find it and click on “Delete”.
Delete Discord App Data
  • Try running “Discord” now. It should work for a lot of people.

Method 3: Turn of all VPNs and Proxies

Discord like many other apps may suffer a loss of functioning if VPNs or proxies are interfering with the app.

Steps for correcting the same are mentioned below:

  • In the Start Menu, type “Control Panel”.
  • In the Control Panel, click on “Network and Internet”.
  • Next, click on “Internet Options”.
  • Click on “Connections”.
  • Find “LAN Settings” and click on it.
  • Next, click on “Proxy Server”.
  • Uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
  • Select “OK”.

This should be enough to run Discord smoothly again. Launch it and see if it works for you.

Method 4: Change Time/Date to Automatic

Yes, you read that right. Changing the Windows’ Time and Date to “Automatic” sounds like the blasphemy of a fix but it has worked for some people.

What’s the issue in giving it a try?

Here are the steps:

  • In the bottom right corner of your Windows’ screen, you see the time. Right-click on it.
  • Click on “Adjust Date/Time”.
  • In the window that pops up, turn on “Set time automatically”.
  • Discord is not opening” should be a thing of the past now.
  • If it still doesn’t work, then, trying to restart the PC might be an effective remedy.

Method 5: Stop Discord’s Background Running Tasks

As is the case with many other applications, you may think you closed the app effectively but it may still have not been done so. It may yet be running in the background. But they aren’t visible to us on the screen itself. This is where “Task Manager” comes in.

We will list the steps for your convenience.

Here you go:

  • Search “Task Manager” in the Start Menu.

(Alternatively, press “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Delete” simultaneously from the keyboard and select “Task Manager”.)

Task Manager
  • In the heading “Processes”, you may see a sub-heading “Apps”.
  • You may see one or more than one Discord running.
  • Select them and click on “End Task” from the bottom right-hand corner of the Task Manager.
End Discord
  • Nothing should cause “Discord is not opening” now. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting the PC once and launching the app again.

Method 6: Clean Your PC

By “clean your PC” we mean to get rid of any or all viruses and malware. These include any corrupted files or malicious software.

  • For this, install any reliable Anti-virus software.
  • Run it and get rid of the viruses after a scan shows all of them.
  • You can now run Discord smoothly.

Method 7: Re-install Discord

This may seem obvious but once again, this is an effective solution for solving any existing errors.

Think of it as a reset. Any prior corrupt file or incorrect coding would be wiped away.

Here are the steps for the same

  • Right, Click on the Start Menu icon.
Start Settings
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Click on “Apps”.
Controlpanel Apps
  • Find “Discord”. Click on it and then click on “Uninstall”.
Uninstall Discord

Discord is now uninstalled. Now, you can undertake to re-install the app and solve the errors.

Method 8: DNS Reset

Discord runs on the internet, so sometimes, internet-related errors creep in.

Here are the steps to be undertaken to fix them

  • Launch “Run” as previously stated.
  • Type in “ipconfig /flushdns” in the search field and click on “Run”.
Discord ipconfig
  • This will automatically fix all the errors for you by clearing the DNS.
  • Re-launch Discord.

Method 9: Login to Discord’s Browser App

Here are the steps to be followed.

  • First of all, run “Discord” from your Desktop.
  • Now, on any of your browsers, go to
  • Login with the relevant details.

Now what will happen is the two login sessions will sync up and be linked. Which in turn, will get rid of any and all bugs on your main desktop version.

Your Discord is ready to be used.


Phew! That was a long one. Anyway, we mentioned 9 solutions for you, if you were having problems related to “Discord is not opening”. Anyone or a combination of the above-stated 9 solutions should work for most of the users. If the mic feature is not working on Discord, you should check the article on how to fix Discord mic not working Problem.

Got any questions related to the solutions? Stuck anywhere? Got another solution for us to share with all?

Comment below anything you’d like to share or ask and we’d get rid of “Discord is not opening” like a community, the way it was meant to be!

We hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful.

Why is Discord not opening?

This error occurs when your Discord application is not up to date. Make sure you using an updated version of Discord.

Can I use Discord on the browser?

Yes, you can easily use Discord on any browser. You can also use the Discord application that is easily available for Windows and Mac computers.

Is Discord application better than a browser?

Yes, it is way better than using Discord in a browser. Discord application supports screen sharing, push to talk, and streaming to a voice channel.

Why do Gamers use Discord?

It is specially designed for gamers which will help them to communicate and strategize their playstyle with their squad.