Fix Install Location Error Fortnite [Step-By-Step Guide]

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Fortnite is well designed Battlefield multiplayer game, where the main motive of the player is to stay alive from start to the end of the game. This Arcade game gives a platform to the player to combat against other players or squad. But some of the people like you are facing an error while installing this game, thus shows an error Install Location Error Fortnite.

This error comes in the DP series errors of the Fortnite game. Sometimes, you can also face the error code 0xc00007b, so you can also check our guide to fix Fortnite error 0xc00007b very easily.

We know this error bothers many of you but don’t worry, we are here again to guide you through the whole procedure to fix this error in no time. First, you have to know why this error pops-up on your gaming PC screen.

Reasons Why Install Location Error in Fortnite Occur?

When you are trying to install the Fortnite in your PC, an error may engulf the whole screen of your PC saying that you do not have permission to install the game in that particular folder path.

Fortnite Do Not Have Permission

This means that the game setup is unable to find the folder where the game has to install. As the system does not allow the game setup to create or install the files in the default folder path shown by the game setup itself. So, to solve this Fortnite install location error you have to correct the installation path in the game setup.

So without wasting any time let’s jump to these super easy steps to fix this problem.

Steps to Fix: Install Location Error Fortnite

Epic Game Folder Path
  • The first step is to check where the Epic game folder is located on your PC. Wait, let me make it easy for you, just follow this folder path:

Local Disk:C >> Program Files (x86) >> Epic Games

  • Now you have to check the folder path address of Fortnite installer.
Fortnite Installation Location

Which is probably

Local Disk:C >> Program Files >> Epic Games

But as we know the Epic Game folder is in Program File (x86) folder not in Program File folder.

  • Now the solution is very simple, we just have to change the installation folder path to

Local Disk:C >> Program Files (x86) >> Epic Games

Change Fortnite Location
  • After changing the path, you are ready to go, now just hit the install button. And it’s all Done!!
Fortnite Installation Starts
  • Once the installation is finished, you can enjoy your game.

Final Words

We do hope that you find this article helpful in completing the installation of the Fortnite best game ever. We also hope that these picture-guided steps definitely make it easy to understand the whole procedure clearly and you are able to fix install location error Fortnite.

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