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How To Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem?

Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem

Here’s the guide to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem

When you buy a phone, the camera is one of the most important features that you look for with good megapixels and advanced automation technology. What if you buy a phone especially because of its good camera functionality and it doesn’t work the way you thought? Obviously, it will hurt your hopes and all your investment would go in vain.

You know that iPhone has really made a special picture regarding its camera quality. Many people opt iPhone because it gives good competition to Android cameras and there is no way to compensate with it. You can thank for the good quality lenses that iPhone uses for their devices that gives primary place to it.

The problem that the iPhone users have reported is the malfunctioning of the camera. They are coming with the words that iPhone Camera is not working properly which is very frustrating for the users. The issues that the users came up with some are listed below:

  • The camera freezes out of nowhere
  • Appears Black screen while taking pictures from the back camera
  • The camera app hangs sometimes
  • No sync flashes
  • Out of options

Ways to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem

They are many issues related to the iPhone camera not working. So, you will be greeted with some logistic solutions that you can use it for your iPhone camera that can mend your heartbreak. Let’s dive into the solutions of your problems one by one:

You have to use face time

Open the FaceTime app on your mobile and if it isn’t there, do drag it into your mobile by downloading it. Call one of your friends and see if both the front and back cameras are working fine or not. This will be a great help to diagnose the real problem.

Closing your camera App

Sometimes a load of your temporary files creates a problem to load your camera interface which can be the reason for your back black screen appears. To fix the iPhone camera, you can close the application. Tap the home function twice and get the preview of your camera app. Then wipe it up and close the app. Wait for some time and then reopen your camera app. Let’s hope that this solution overcomes your issue.

Switch-off the voice-over Feature

Many users have reported that this solution may help you to solve problems without going to an iPhone repair workshop. You have to do nothing, just switch off your voice-over to fix iPhone camera not working problem. So, if you are not aware of the steps to switch off then follow these words.

Go to your Phone settings > Tap on General > Choose Accessibility and turn-off your voice-over. Restart your camera app to see if these solutions help you to get rid of your problem or not.

Restart the iPhone

How can you forget this, the solution that the Indian people use it for every problem for any smartphones. But it’s really effective. You don’t have to do much just you have to reset the power cycle for a few seconds i.e. wake/sleep. Then turn off the phone just by sliding the power button which will be displaying after setting the power cycle. Wait for 30 secs to 1 min then restart your phone. Launch your camera app and use it smoothly.

Update the iOS version

If you are frustrated by your iPhone camera because of the issues then please make sure that you have your updated version. There can be chances that the outdated and unstable version of iOS can create such an unstable issue.

If you have not updated yet then unlock your phone go to the Settings > tap on General > Update software. You come across the latest version of an iOS device and install it as soon as possible if you have not. And you being an iPhone user keep a note that before installing it on your phone, you should have charged your phone at least or more than 60%.

After visiting this site, we hope you are smiling because the above procedure worked. The problem of how to fix iPhone camera not working is solved without visiting any repair shop and without wasting a penny.

How do I reset my iPhone camera settings?

To reset iPhone camera settings, go to Settings, then tap on Camera, after that tap on Preserve Settings and toggle for Camera mode, Filter, and Live Photo.

Why is my camera just a black screen?

It happens due to software bugs and glitches. Try restarting the phone.

How do I restore an icon on my iPhone?

To restore an icon on the iPhone, go to Settings, then tap on General, now tap on Reset and choose Reset Home screen.

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