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How To Fix PUBG Lag In Phoenix OS? [Simple Steps]

Fix PUBG Lag In Phoenix OS

Many users are facing lag problem for the PUBG Mobile gaming app on their Android devices. Are you one of them? Worry not, as we are here to guide you through a series of simple steps and tips to fix PUBG lag in Phoenix OS.

By following these steps, you can freely play PUBG without any lag issue and get great gaming experience. The popular battle royale shooter game has a mobile version by the name of PlayerUnknown Battleground Mobile.

Since the day the game has been launched, it has become a rage amongst the youth and the kids alike and is a big hit in the gaming arena. So much so that, the highly-rated PC and Console PUBG game is available on the mobile platforms, thereby making it such a favorite amongst the masses. The graphics of the game along with the dynamic animations, wherein the players can also be rendered, makes it a great deal. Unfortunately, a prominent device with HDR graphics and a high frame rate mode is required for it.

A low-grade smartphone with basic features may suffer from the lag in the PUBG game. Even though Play Store has many PUBG mobile lag fix apps like GFX Tool to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile, they rarely work, rendering them is useless.


PUBG Mobile is an app developed by Tencent and is available for both Android and iOS. The game starts with about 100 players being dropped off on an island. They have a mission to fulfill, which is to search and find the weapons to survive and kill off the enemies. They also have a safe zone that gets smaller over time. The team which survives till the end wins the game. PUBG can also be made available for the PC with the help of PUBG emulators, including Bluestacks, Tencent PUBG Mobile Emulator, Nox Player, MEmu Player, Remix OS Player, etc.

If you desire to play PUBG Mobile on PC without the use of an emulator, you can install Phoenix OS on Windows PC following a guided tutorial. The PUBG lagging issues are much more in the mediumly priced smartphones with 2 GB RAM. To be able to overcome this limitation, Tencent had recently released PUBG Lite, which is exclusively designed to run on phones with limited graphics, RAM, and processors. The developers at the company are also working on fixing the PUBG mobile lag. Low device performance, phone getting heated, high ping are some of the issues faced by the app.

The increase of the lagging problems also came to light after the PUB Mobile update 0.10.5 and 0.11.0 were released. This may be due to the additional features like weather changes for Miramar and Erangel maps, Zombies Mode, and new weapons. After the first anniversary update, the users started experiencing more and more bugs and glitches in the PUBG app. This has compelled the users to try PUBG mobile hacks to make their gaming performance better.

On the other hand, a PUBG mobile beta version is also available. But the usage of such hacks and tips has produced no results and the lag still persists. To solve all this, we have come up with a guided list of steps and all those who want to fix those lagging issues can use these steps as listed below.


The steps that we have listed below are only applicable to PC with Phoenix OS installed on it. If your PC isn’t equipped with Phoenix OS, first install it and then proceed further.

Although we won’t be taking any responsibility for any issue that you might face in this tutorial. Please proceed at your own risk.

Steps to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag in Phoenix OS

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix
  • Then, extract this zip file.
  • After this, a text file will appear.
  • Use the editor to open the text file.
  • Then click on the EDIT option.
  • Next, highlight, select, and copy the text.
Phoenix - Select And Copy Text
  • The text file should be closed and you should navigate to the following location.
  • Open File Explorer.
  • Click on Internal storage.
  • Then, open Android folder.
  • Next, open the Data folder.
  • Open com.tencent.ig folder on the next screen.
  • Open the Files folder.
  • Then open UE4Game folder.
  • Open ShadowTrackerExtra folder.
  • Then, open the ShadowTrackerExtra folder.
  • Next, open the Saved folder.
  • Then, on the next screen, open the Config folder.
  • Now, open up the Android folder.
  • Finally, open Usercustom.ini file.
  • Open this file in the editor.
  • Click on Edit option. Then select the text to delete it.
  • Now paste the text that you copied earlier.
Phoenix - Select And Copy Text
  • Click on the Save button to save the text file.
  • Now, close everything.
  • Then click on Start and launch Play Store.
  • Type L Speed App in the search bar.
  • Install the L Speed application.
  • Now, launch the app.
  • When you’ll open the App, the Superuser request will popup.
  • Click on the Allow option.
  • This will open the app. Now, click on Next.
  • Now, change the Disabled option to Performance.
  • Click on Next.
  • Change the Profile from Disabled to Performance.
  • Now, Click on Next. Then click on Done.
  • From the Dashboard, now click on ≡ the “Menu” option.
  • Now, click on Main Tweaks.
  • Now, click on Boost Now button.
  • Then, in the Boost Scheduler option, change the Disabled to 30 min.
  • Change the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale from 0 to .5x.
  • Next, open the CPU Tuner option from the Dashboard Menu.
  • Enable CPU Optimizer option.
  • Now, click on RAM Manager from the Menu settings.
  • Now, change Balanced to Gaming.
  • Close the L Speed app.
  • Open Settings of your Phoenix OS.
  • Under Settings, click on AutoRun.
  • Now, Enable autorun for L Speed application.
  • Download GLTools app.
  • Now, launch the app.
  • Now, Click on PUBG Mobile.
  • From the General menu, enable Custom settings for this app option.
  • Now, enable the Allow framebuffer MSAA option.
  • Now click on the GPU name/emulation tab.
  • Enable Use fake GPU info option.
  • Now, click on Fake GL_RENDERER option.
  • Then, select GPU: Mali-G72.

That is all! Close everything and now launch the PUBG Mobile game on your device.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay


Following the above steps will help you fix PUBG Lag in Phoenix OS. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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