How To Fix Zoom Error Code 5003? [Complete Guide]

Fix Zoom Error Code 5003

Are you facing Zoom error code 5003 while trying to initiate a video calling on the Zoom? If yes, then this article will help you in figuring out what’s happening with the Zoom service and how to resolve it.

After Skype and Google Duo, Zoom is now trying to take on the video calling market. Zoom is getting famous during this lockdown period of the World due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As everyone is now practicing physical social distancing and staying at their homes and working from there homes, video chatting and video conferencing is the only way left to keep in touch with their families as well as for office purposes. Sometimes even these video calling services create a barrier between you and your loved ones by showing some minor error.

But there are many users who are dealing with some errors while using the Zoom services, errors like Zoom error code 5003 bothers many zoom users. This error usually occurs when you are trying to connect to Zoom web services and fail, but don’t worry this can be easily fixed by doing some troubleshooting steps.

Reasons why Zoom error code 5003 occurs?

Zoom Error code 5003 usually occurs when your Zoom is failed, while trying to connect to the Zoom web services. There are many possible reasons that can cause this problem, but most of the time it is because of your network firewalls and your antivirus protection program. So playing with the setting of these two programs will help you in fixing this 5003 error code.

Troubleshooting Zoom error code 5003

Changing the network firewall settings

  • If you are on someone’s network that uses the proxies and firewall settings. Then we recommend you to ask your network administrator to change your firewall and proxies to the values that are given below.

Here is the list of settings to configure your network firewall settings. These values will help in making a reliable connection with the Zoom server.

But before this, we suggest you to enter in your native browser to check that your current firewall and proxies settings letting you visit the Zoom website.

If not, then change your firewall and proxies settings.

Fix Zoom 5003 error code by changing the Antivirus settings

Sometimes the Antivirus programs like McAfee Web Protection, AVG, or Avast did not allow web services to work properly. Thus, it results in blocking the connections. These antivirus programs may also block the connection to the Zoom server and result in displaying the Zoom 5003 error code on your device screen.

So we are going to disable the Antivirus program for some time to perform this troubleshooting process.

Putting an Antivirus on silent mode is super easy, Here is the step-by-step picture guide for temporarily disabling the Avast Antivirus.

Steps to turn off Avast shield

  • On the bottom right side of your taskbar, you will see an upside arrow, click on it.
Windows Taskbar Arrow
  • This will show you some running programs in a tray, look for Avast icon here, and right-click on it.
  • A new drop-down menu will appear, hover your cursor on the Avast shields control option.
Avast Shields Control
  • Now select disable for 10 minutes, this will turn off the Avast shied for 10 minutes.
Disable Avast Shields
  • In this time try to make a call through zoom, if it connects then it means your antivirus is not allowing the zoom to make a reliable connection with zoom web services.

Thus you have to disable your antivirus service while making Zoom video calling.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you in figuring out the reasons behind the Zoom error code 5003. But if you still have any query related to the mentioned troubleshooting methods for solving this error, then feel free to tell us. Our Fixing Port team is always here for you. Thank you!!

What is Zoom Error Code 5003?

The problem in connection to Zoom’s web service is Error Code 5003. It happens when your system’s network firewall and Antivirus protection program blocking your connection to Zoom.

Why I Cannot connect to Zoom meeting?

If Zoom stays in a “Connecting” mode or has timed out. It means your network connection is very weak.

Is Zoom is better than Skype?

Zoom is better when it comes to frequent video chats and meetings with your team.