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Flipkart Pay Later Eligibility Criteria [Complete Information]

Flipkart Pay Later Eligibility Criteria

To improve the convenience of consumers, Flipkart has developed a new feature named Flipkart pay later; which allows the consumer to shop without going through all the payment methods. But before that, you would like to know the Flipkart pay later eligibility criteria. This feature allows the consumer to shop worry-free and convenient.

Flipkart Pay Later Eligibility Criteria

Before getting to Flipkart pay later eligibility criteria, let’s understand the benefits of the feature.

  • The most beneficial feature is that it opens up a credit line for the customers, allowing them to purchase and receive the products, experience it, and pay for it in the next month as per their convenience.
  • The customer can buy the product instantly.
  • The customer can shop for multiple transactions in one go.
  • Flipkart pay later is a better option for the customers who hate to use credit cards or cash on delivery options.
  • Using this feature, the customer gets a single bill for all the purchases, even if you have a long shopping list and many bills to take care of.

Flipkart pays later is only for selected customers only, and it is not an add-on subscription service. To avail of this service, the customer has to enter PAN and Aadhar details, verify their documents, and within thirty seconds, you can access the service. The initial limit of the credit line is between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000 a month.

Flipkart pay later is a paperless and cashless facility in which the customer does not have to shell out the maintenance charges that are required; if you are purchasing through credit cards or net banking.

Once the Flipkart pay later eligibility is cleared and the customer avails the service; make sure to ensure that there is always 100% payment success. It will provide a surplus of benefits, which will make their shopping experience more rewarding.

How can I activate Pay Later in Flipkart?

To activate Pay Later in Flipkart, open Flipkart, tap on Three lines on the top left corner, then tap on My Account, then tap Flipkart Pay Later and tap on Activate Now.

Can I use Flipkart Pay Later on Myntra?

Yes, you can use Flipkart Pay Later on Myntra.

Does Flipkart deliver on Sunday?

Yes, Flipkart and Amazon provide delivery on Sunday.

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