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How To Format Corrupted SD Card? [Simple Guide]

How To Format Corrupted SD Card

Did your SD Card just blow out? Are you looking for ways to format corrupted SD Card? If this is your cue, then you are in the right place. Dealing with a corrupted storage device can be a tedious and painful task. It is very important to know the tools and tricks to deal with the situation or else, one small issue might lead to a total disaster in your system.

So, in this article, we have come up with everything you need. Right from the method to format corrupted SD Card through Command prompt to force formatting the card using free software, we have covered everything for you.

Storage Devices are an imminent part of every system functioning. SD Cards have especially gained popularity and are the first choice for every individual to store their personal data. But there have been instances when SD Cards get corrupted because of many reasons – system malware, sudden ejection of the card while an ongoing process and the list can be never-ending. In such cases, how to identify this disk corruption? Here is what you may come across:

  • Users may come across an error message stating ‘SD Card not accessible’. Apart from this, when the user tries to access the SD Card, a black screen may pop out.
  • Users will not be able to make any changes to the existing content on their SD Card.
  • Straight up shows an error message.
  • User is not able to access the SD Card.
  • Your system does not read the SD Card.
  • Your SD Card shows an error message concerning the storage information.

How to Format Corrupted SD Card?

To format a corrupted SD Card, you may initially use the traditional method of manual formatting of your storage device. In maximum cases, due to the level of corruption, these methods fail and you are left just with anger and frustration, with a constant question in your mind – what do I do to fix this? We have come up with two other methods that can help you with your problem. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Force Format Corrupted SD Card via CMD

To format corrupted SD Cards through Command Prompt, follow the steps given below:

  • Insert your Corrupted SD Card into the system slot. Once you do this, click on the start option. In the search box, just type cmd and right-click on the option and click on run as administrator.
  • A black screen will open. On this screen type ‘diskpart’ and click on enter.

You will be required to impart the following commands in the exact given order below:

  • List Disk (You will get a list of storage devices on your system)
  • Select Disk (Choose the Corrupted SD card)
  • Clean
  • Create Partition Primary
  • Format fs= ntfs quick

This should fix the issue. However, if this does not work out, look at the next fix.

Method 2: Format Corrupted SD Card Via Software

Users for this method can use a software named free partition manager if the above method seems too complicated for you. To format corrupted SD Cards using software, follow the steps given below:

  • The first step is to download the free partition manager on your windows system. After this, open the software – you will be able to see a list of disks on your computer.
  • Right Click on your corrupted SD Card and click on ‘Format Partition’.
  • Now, you will be required to choose a proper file system as per your need.
  • After this step, click on Apply.

This should fix your issue.

That’s it for today. We hope this article helped you in fixing and formatting your corrupted SD Card. The methods have been explained in simple language for a better understanding of the reader.

In the future, if you ever come across a similar situation, feel free to drop by this article and get a fix for your problem. If you have an alternative and better option, do let us know in the comment section. On that note stay tuned on Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all tech-related updates.

How do I fix a corrupted SD card?

To fix a corrupted SD card, connect the Corrupted SD card to the computer, then click on My Computer, check the SD card and note its drive letter, now run Command Prompt and type chkdsk (drive letter):/r.

How do I format a corrupted SD card on my phone?

To format a corrupted SD card on phone, open Settings, then tap on Storage, then tap on SD card, and then tap on Format SD card.

Does formatting your SD card delete everything?

Yes, formatting an SD card deletes all the data inside it.

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